A Gift from Mars

Friday is here, and so is Rochelle’s FRIDAY FICTIONEERS . I have no idea what this is; however, I’ve managed to weave a story.

Photo Prompt - Copyright Marie Gail Stratford

Hey! What’s that Bob?

Ah! This. It is from Mars.

A new friend….

No, silly…from planet mars.


I think, I went to mars yesterday.

Bob, I think you’ve had too many drinks yesterday.

No…no, Maggie just listen to me. I was walking down the alley when someone asked me to enter into a dark warehouse kind of a place. I don’t remember much after that but I got up in my own apartment this morning. Something was poking me. I checked my back pocket and there it was – A gift from Mars.

Take my advise – don’t drink too much today or you’ll reach Pluto.



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