Rule of three

Rule of three or bokeh – I’m confused. To be honest with you guys as I’m still learning the tricks of the trade. I hope you won’t look at the photos with critical eyes. So, here is what I want to share for this week’s challenge. I hope you enjoy.

I simply understand “rule of three” as subject not being at the center. Bokeh effect just needs time, tricks and lots of practice and of course good lense. I’ve managed to shoot these with my Nikkon point and shoot camera. So, what do you say guys. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Rule of three

  1. Raindrops on leaves are stunning and the candles are very beautiful. I am still learning, too. Most of the time I just take the image and then when I come home I see what I did wrong. Hope one of these days I’ll manage to spot my mistakes while I am still out in the field.


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