Her Newest Discoveries

Photo prompt for Rochelle’s FRIDAY FICTIONEERS is below.

PHOTO PROMPT – © Erin Leary

My daughter Vera is very adorable and mischievous. She has fun finding and hiding things.

The one place I dread her going is the barn. No matter what I do she still is able to find her way to that place.

Dagger our ever faithful dog is always watching her moves. So when she walks towards the barn he comes barking to fetch me.

Today, when I arrive at the barn… I see Vera sitting inside a fairy ring. Mushrooms – her newest discoveries. She had a very pleased look on her face. She giggles as we go inside and Dagger follows us.

We reach inside and now… Dagger goes missing.


11 thoughts on “Her Newest Discoveries

  1. Small criticism. Could you have shown us more emotion in this piece? The child is sitting in a fairy ring and the dog disappeared but your character seems pretty nonchalant. Maybe it’s just me. Never mind if I missed the point. I’m going to shut up now.


    • Thanks Millie. So happy to know that you enjoyed it.:)
      This week’s entry was difficult and I had read all the possible versions by everyone. I looked for all the different kinds of mushrooms and then… fairy rings came up in search and in one or two stories as well. First came a picture and then a story. This time I didn’t change the ending though.;)

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      • I liked your story and the ending, and it was different to the others. 🙂 I avoid reading other entries until I’ve done my own because I don’t like to be influenced by them. If my story is similar to others it can’t be helped. But we all write differently, and all entries are fun to read. I didn’t have time for the Friday one this week, so I’m hoping to get back next Friday. Thanks for chatting about how your thought processes worked on this, Norma. Stories usually come to us if we stare at the prompt for long enough. Hahaha. 🙂


      • That’s true, sometimes the stories just come looking at the prompt and the other times I keep staring at them in vain…but nothing (I’m only talking about self here). I’m always late by two or three days and as there are a few entries I can’t stop myself from reading them. All the entries are great and carry a new perspective to the prompt. I get hooked on to them and as a result find it harder to come up with a newer perspective. Keeping all this aside I just enjoy these prompts. 🙂
        Missed your entry this week. Hopefully will catch you for the next one, Millie. 🙂

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    • So glad to see you and thanks for your time Rochell.
      Vera is certainly in the possession of something powerful. It seems she got annoyed when Dagger used to follow her and when she had the power she just wanted him to disappear.


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