Art on Display

Rochelle is the kind host of FRIDAY FICTIONEERS and every week she shares a photo with us. All we have to do is write a story in 100 words or less. Hundred words flow quite easily but less is always challenging for me. I admire all the other writers and enjoy their reads as everyone is likely to tell a different story.

This week’s photo is shared by Lauren Moscato. Thank you Lauren.


Copyright © Lauren Moscato

Any day the door attracted more comments than guests.

Becky and Rose passed ‘The Crane House’ and started talking.

“Why did he build this?” asked Becky.

“He says it’s art on display.” added Rose.

“Art follows beauty. Forget beauty it doesn’t even have a purpose.” said Becky.

“His art has tainted our village. ‘Piece of art’ he calls it – that is, if it is art at all.” said Rose.

Their voices grew dimmer along with their figures.

Crane could spend an entire day listening to such chatters. Crane got up to answer the door bell. A boy handed him a sealed letter.

Crane’s eyes ran through the sea of words. With a smile he said, “So, the villagers have filled a case against me – for my artwork.”



17 thoughts on “Art on Display

  1. Well, I definitely agree with Becky when says about the house: ‘Forget beauty, it doesn’t even have a purpose’. Mind you, I’m sure a court case about the artwork would be a first. Crane himself seems to be a bit of a recluse. Intriguing story, Norma. 🙂


    • Thanks Millie. Poor Crane.:( But at least the place got famous. They can turn it into some tourist destination.;)
      What do you hope for him…to win or lose?


  2. You could cut down on the word count a little by removing the unneeded “said Becky,” “said Rose.” (The names were already established after the first two instances of dialogue.)


    • Hey Rochelle, a hearty congrats on your book. Keep busy but do take care of yourself. 🙂
      Thanks for finding time to read and comment with your busy schedule it means a lot.
      I believe the artist is never appreciated when alive but may be after they die they attract some fame. Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂


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