Train of Thoughts

Sometimes I can hear them…. Oh! I wish for it to stop…only for a while…but it doesn’t. I hitch the early morning train at the break of dawn. As the day goes by, the train only catches up speed.

It ignores my command as I shout …STOP! Stop! At nighttime, it slithers inside my mind cage while I’m still sleeping.

Only if I could abandon this – train of thoughts … is my thought. But I’m the mortal engine and the chain of thoughts will merrily run with me till my last breath.

After all, what is an engine without its wagon? What kind of a human will I be without a single thought attached to me?


Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

Rochelle shares a photo prompt every Friday. She encourages us to write a story in hundred words or less based on the photo. If you’d want to join the wagon click at  FRIDAY FICTIONEERS to know more about it. You can feed your story to the little blue frog icon there.

This week’s photo is shared by Jennifer Pendergast. Thanks Jennifer.

20 thoughts on “Train of Thoughts

  1. Intriguing story, Norma. The idea of a person’s train/chain of thoughts is quite a different interpretation of the prompt. I’m sure we all wish we could abandon our train of thoughts at times..


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