Floating in the sky

clouds colour“Look at these. Aren’t they beautiful.” I thought as I peeped out of the plane window. These puffy clouds were floating like carefree nomads in the sky. All I wanted to do was to jump on them…but, oops! I could have had a terrible fall. They also reminded me of cotton candies and I wanted to wrap them in a stick and have them…a warning – the taste could be highly imaginative.

Since I could not do all this I thought it would be best to take out my camera and started clicking.

For this week’s photo challenge: “Afloat” 


14 thoughts on “Floating in the sky

  1. Great photo, Norma. It makes me want to fly off somewhere … The little piece of writing is interesting, too. I call cotton candy, candy floss, and I haven’t had any of that for years!


    • Oh! so sweet of you to say that. 🙂 May be we both can book a cloud and fly for an adventure trip. As a child I never liked eating candy floss; however, I loved looking at it because of its soft colours. Years later when I was flying I saw these clouds floating they immediately reminded me of candy floss and all of a sudden I wanted to have them. After landing I think I had one. If you like them may be even you should have one, too. 😀


      • I can definitey see the similarity. I used to always ask for candy floss when we went to the fairground when I was young. Like you, I soon realised I didn’t like eating it. It’s quite peculiar stuff, isn’t it? I agree that the soft colours are lovely, though. I’d give anything to fly away right now, Norma. Just book us a cloud and I’ll be right there with you. 🙂


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