Only A Fool

Rochelle shares a photo prompt every Friday. She encourages us to write a story in hundred words or less based on the photo. If you’d want to add your story just click at  FRIDAY FICTIONEERS to know the details. You can then feed your story to the little blue frog icon there.

This week’s photo is shared by Roger Bultot.

I tied my sneakers, plugged the headphones, set the timer on and started jogging. After jogging for 20 minutes I could see some smoke. So I started following it.

I was standing on a street that looked very familiar. People, fire fighters, a fire truck…became visible to me. I started walking and finally saw the house that was on fire.

It was none other than my ex’s house. I asked one of the fire fighters if someone was injured. He said, “No injuries, we reached right on time.”

“How… did, fire ….?”

“The guy, kept an egg to boil… in a micro and forgot about it…completely… what kind of a person does that?”

“Only a fool,” I said in my mind but all he could see – was a big smile.


Copyright – Roger Bultot


24 thoughts on “Only A Fool

  1. Probably a good job he is her ex! He sounds like a complete fool – or perhaps someone used to having others to do things for him. The pampered type. An enjoyable read, Norma.


    • Sometimes looks can be deceiving to get things started. At least now he can nominate himself for the award…something to talk about if goes on a date with someone else. 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting Bjorn.


  2. I bet he doesn’t do that again. Being the place was familiar to her, her ex must have got the house in the divorce. He won’t have it long if he keeps up that behavior. He’s fortunate to be alive. Well done, Norma. Good description. 🙂 — Suzanne


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