An early bird will miss…

 There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope. –

                                                    Bernard  Williams

morning sun

Sunrise when walking in the morning

Night is a peaceful time…to sleep (for many) and to work (for some). The problem is when you keep working the entire night to meet your deadlines you would probably still be awake at 4 o’ clock or preparing to sleep. Either ways you’ll be too tired to see the magical sunrise (I say so, because at such a time I only want to sleep – catch a cat nap and look sane, when I go to work later).



sunrise when I was flying

“An early bird catches the worm,” they say, but does it matter? If one has to catch only a worm it can be done later as well. What I think, the bird will miss is – the rising sun, a direction to fly, an hour of its day, a rosy glow of a magical morning and flying individually in the sky.

As I stood to greet an early morning sun, I noticed something. At first one or two birds flew calling out loudly. Then as the sky wore more patterns of orange and red the number became a design – a slant line or a letter “V”. There sweet call for the day also diminished with their growing numbers. Finally when the sun was up there were more people on the streets and less birds in the sky…there was also more noise and less peace with the passing day.

11 thoughts on “An early bird will miss…

  1. I love early mornings, although I don’t always manage to get out in time to see the sunrise. I love the dawn chorus, too, although the loudest time where I live tends to be around 3am in the summer, when the blackbirds seem to have microphones! Lovely photos.


    • There is something magical about the sunrise and sunset but I too can’t get up that early to see it. During vacations I plan to but it’s vacation – why trouble myself, so I keep sleeping. Those blackbirds…make a lot of noise. I never use to like those but now I’m fine with it. Make a cuckoo sing and the person keeps sleeping make this blackbird sing and the person has no choice than to get up and dance. 😉
      For the first photo I got up at 5 (maybe) my eyes were still half closed but when I saw this view suddenly I felt re energized.


      • Oh, you do make me laugh. Thank you for that lovely reply, Norma. I don’t usually get up and dance with the blackbirds at 3am though. We should be hearIng our first cuckoo any day now. They only come back to Britain from Central Africa at the end of April / beginning of May. It’s great to hear that very first one in our area.
        I know what you mean about the way a beautiful scene can fill you with energy. It makes me feel so glad to be alive. 🙂


      • Happy to add a smile (or in this case ‘a doze of laughter’) to a friend’s face. Like minds think alike – glad you understood my feelings. 🙂


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