3 days, 3 quote

First of all I would like to thank Millie Thom for passing the “3 days, 3 quote challenge” to me.

It is a new challenge in circulation and I’m glad to have been asked to participate. I love quotes. As a kid I had a diary in which I had written quotes. The diary would be circulated in the class and everyone would copy from it.

Quotes are the best way to motivate you during those sad and depressed moments of your life. Without much saying, it works like a best friend, guiding you through your trouble and also directing you to your desired path. I lost that dairy; I was careless in keeping it.

As I have always loved quotes, I again started collecting them when I started writing. This time I started writing my own quotes (you can read that in the thought matters section).

Day 1 Quote

Quote 1

Quotes are wonderful to read and fun to share. And so, I am opening the nomination to all my reader friends.

If you’d like to participate in this challenge then put up 1 quote each for three consecutive days. Please don’t forget to link your post back to mine. I’d love to hear your quotes. 🙂