Up and close

Brie from wordpress asks us to be up close and personal or present macro shots for this week’s photo challenge. She says “Macro photography allows us to see the world in a new light. Some of the best macro subjects may appear mundane at first — things you’d normally pass by without giving a second glance — but get just a little closer and there’s often a hidden beauty to be discovered.”

I love taking macro shots specially of mundane things. Even during vacation, I shift my gaze from serene landscape to something ordinary. Some days when I feel sad, I take out my gadget and we go out on a stroll. In city life, it’s difficult to capture landscapes but easy to zoom on people or things. I would stop saying anything here, and let you all enjoy the collection of my macro shots.

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17 thoughts on “Up and close

  1. The photographs, Norma, are just,…superb! Really! ❤
    Amazingly captured! By the way, can I ask, which camera do you use?
    The clarity is crystal! 🙂


  2. Hi Norma. My favorites are the rocks and the wood. It is true that ordinary objects look totally different up close. The cracks in the wood tell stories, don’t they?


    • I agree, the cracks did play with my imagination a little while I tried to concentrate on taking the picture as I smiled at the thought. I love the pebbles too. At first I was confused should I be clicking such a thing at all, but then I realized – that’s why you have digital cameras, right? Worked well and I’m glad that you liked them.
      Thanks for coming by Patti. 🙂

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