The Chase

Barbara Beacham is the kind host of Monday’s Finish the Story. Every week a photo and the first sentence of the story is shared and the challenge is to finish the story in 100 – 150 words. Thanks Barbara for this week’s photo and the challenge. I am participating after a long time, but after looking at this picture I couldn’t resist the story that came to my mind. Thanks to all the readers for their time and helpful comments.

Finish the story begins with:  He thought he found the perfect hiding spot, but he was wrong.

The chase had lasted for an eternity. My tiny heart pumped like a machine, ready to run separately from my body.

Finally it was my turn when he slept. I whispered in his ears. The whole night he kept tossing and turning. My belly danced as I laughed…enjoying the moment of his sleeplessness. His eyes were drowsy, in the morning.

He had no idea who I was, but for me – he was “the one”.

He had driven me to the motorway where my body became a pulp as a car ran over me. The good in me tried to convince me, “It’s not his fault.” I rested my case by saying, “Nah! I’m already dead. I can’t kill him, but I can at least make him crazy.”

Crazy he had not become till now, but I was happy to see him scared.






17 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. Revenge is sweet, so they say. And in this case, this man deserves to be driven crazy. Love the idea of a ghost cat… his haunting howl must be very funny to hear. Great story, Norma. 🙂


    • Thanks Millie. 🙂
      Oh, I wanted it to be a ghost rat but I think my writing somehow reflects a ghost cat as also expressed by Barbara. 😦 As I was reading and typing the comment I saw what you meant. I would like to thank you as your comment allowed me to see this story from a totally different perspective.:) And now I too like the idea of a ghost cat haunting its master. Thanks Millie. 😀

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      • Hi Norma. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply to this, but I’ve been away for eight days and the internet wasn’t available for most of those! I’ve a lot to catch up on now. I really enjoyed your story … 🙂


      • No worries. 🙂 You had mentioned that you’ll be going on a vacation (in one of the comments earlier)…with no posts I assumed you had already left.
        Thanks again Millie. 🙂

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  2. What an imagination! Whether a cat or a rat or a person, s/he/it is taking amazing revenge. The best of what i have read in your blog till now (which is less…in progress 🙂 )
    Though i am not able to view the picture. Is there a fix?
    -Ritika (songs_of_life)


    • Thanks Ritika. This was for Monday’s Finish the Story (I don’t know if it’s still running though). Here a leading sentence was given (for this it was:He thought he found the perfect hiding spot…) and we had to finish the story, so there were no photos for this challenge.
      Yes, you are right. I had squirrel in my mind but rat will also do I guess.
      Thanks for your kind comment Ritika. 🙂 I’m glad to know that you are enjoying my blogsapce. 🙂


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