Birthday’s and other occasions are good enough to treat oneself with some yummy confectioneries. Here’s one that I had last year for my birthday.


Why limit oneself with only sweets and chocolates when there are some natural treats too, that one can feast on? It is a real treat to go pick fruits and eat from one’s garden. I was home last month and I did, just that.

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When nature’s supermarket is up for sale, it’s a treat for these someone too. Why should we only enjoy the produce?

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7 thoughts on “Treat

  1. Lovely pictures of Nature’s bounty, Norma. Is that insect some kind of beetle or a ladybird? I’d love to be able to pick such fruits from my garden. We growlots of temperate fruits, but bananas and such like … no. Is it your birthday soon? You mentioned last year’s and those special treats. 🙂


    • Thanks Millie. I think it is ladybird. I always wondered how big they would be (as in children’s colouring books they appeared pretty and of a decent size), but I was rather surprised to see one in reality, they are really minute. I always loved them for their colour contrast and patterns. Aren’t they beautiful insects? Yes, it’s the birthday month for me. 🙂

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