Choosing – The State of Mind

In everyone’s life comes a day when things don’t go as desired and you desperately hope for it to change.It was on such day when I had taken this photo. I was tensed and depressed. My body reflected my state of mind as my shoulders had drooped down and my eyes were only making eye contact with the ground. After some time as I was walking and looking down I saw these bright flowers along the pathway. Looking at these flowers I felt that my lips were no longer tensed, and… still, unwillingly I was wearing a faint smile.

It was a moment to click a photo. After clicking I stood there as I gazed at these flowers and the coarse path. I realized that no matter how coarse the path be, there will be some bright flowers on some side of the pathway – ready to make you smile. It then becomes our choice – to look at it or ignore it; to smile at it or frown at it.


bright flowers along a coarse path


Springing colours

The winter is over but only for this season.


…some white flowers like snow dots

With the on set of another season, I find colours of different shades that have filled my garden very quietly.


…a sunny flower attracting some hard working bees

The trees standing on the roadside and the shrubs have also spoken colours.


bright bougainvillea

Walking along the sidewalks, I notice a flower that is one of my favourites. Its tree – a gentle frame of branches and twigs, holds itself upright with green leaves clinging to itself. And finally during this time of the year it springs to life with some bright red flowers. The flowers are as big as my mobile phone. During the Indian festival of Holi they were used to make natural colours. Today, they are used as natural colouring agent to dye the clothes. Why not? Sometimes and most of the times, when I see this flower at this time of the year – which also promises of spring – I drastically stop myself from picking it up and rubbing it in my palms like a carefree child.


palash flower, the scientific name – Butea monosperma

Very soon these flowers would have decayed. One will look for shadier grounds as the gentle spring would dance and take a fierce form of summer.


a palash tree, at its full bloom


Life and Art

Life in all its form is the best artist.


An artist, when left alone, can imitate life.


fruits on table

Perhaps, that’s why Pablo Picasso said:

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.

An artist to me is an aimless wanderer looking for things in plain sight and hidden as well. Who or what gives him that opportunity? The answer is – Life. An artist finds refugee at his home; home which is his mind; mind that takes him from here to there. In the process of travelling from here to there it cannot be certain if he imitates life or creates life or art or becomes one to show us both – life and art.
I’ll leave you with a painting that I did other than the fruit one from above.

Award posts

Hi, friends. 🙂 I hope everyone is keeping well. This post had been due a long time back. My long absence was due to a grief that had struck our family.

I had been nominated for two awards “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award” and “The Real Neat Blog Award”. I’m really thankful to Millie and Sohini for nominating me for these two awards. I’m also thankful to them for their patience and understanding, as these awards were given to me a long time back. I’m trying to keep this post short and just answer the questions. In the process I’m skipping the nomination process, just this time.

I would like to say that both Millie and Sohini are two very amazing people of the blogworld and their blogs are really interesting place to be at. You can only know how interesting their blogs are once you are there. So, do find your way to their blogs @ Millie Thom and Pen and Paper to check their posts.

This is in the order of the awards received.

So, here’s for The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award by Millie.the sisterhood of the world bloggers award

  1. How would you describe what your blog is about?

I had started my blog with the idea of sharing my life’s experiences and feelings. My blog has become an ideal place for me to share my creativity.

  1. Do you see your blog changing (as in expanding or developing in any way) at some stage in the future?

My blog has been changing ever since I had started it. I try to add something new everytime. I cannot be certain what more can be added but I could only ask you to be here to see what else gets introduced in here.

  1. Do you write your blog posts straight onto the WordPress page or onto a word document first?

I do it both the ways. If I’m logged in and feel like writing something (especially a short post or poems) I write it directly and of course edit it later. For bigger posts and stories, I use the word.

  1.  When you write do you need to be on your own or are you happy to write with others around you?

I can only write with myself and inanimate objects around me. People always distract me. I can write when I have the space along with some silence…both are essential to me.

  1. Which is your favourite species of tree, and why do you like it?

My favourite is Neem tree. It is used in ayurvedic medicine. Its oil and soap are good for skin. It can also be used to control pests (especially the dried leaves). My second favourite is Cononut tree. Again a tree with many uses but I love the coconut water.

  1.  If you were to have a day out somewhere easily reachable from your home, where would it be?

Home is the best place. But when getting bored I love to go to any historical place or a small park or even a garden with colourful flowers.

  1.  Which ‘celebration’ (annual or otherwise) in the country where you live do you enjoy the most?

Diwali is a real big festival in my country. Every year people spend a lot on crackers and lights. I love to see the brightly lit buildings during the dark nights of the festive season.

Now, for The Real Neat Blog Award by Sohini real-neat-blog-award

  1. What do you love most about blogging?

I love chatting with my blog friends. I sometimes miss them and their posts when they are busy with other things. I love reading different types of blog posts.

  1. What is your dream job – a career you would pursue if there were no consequences?

I am happy with my current job.

  1. If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life (sorry) which would it be, and why?

“Somewhere over the rainbow” by Judy Garland is what I would love to listen to all the time. The song is like a sweet lullaby. The song is full of positivity and cheer.

  1. Describe your favourite place/space ever, and why it is so. It can be something general (like any bookstore) or something specific (like Antarctica).

In one corner of my house there is a quite space. In that place is an altar with a statue of Jesus and Buddha. There are incense sticks, candles and a vase with yellow and purple flowers. I love that spot.

  1. If you could speak any language, what would it be and why? Go ahead and make up your own if you want. 😀

How about knowing and speaking tree language. I’ve always wondered if they spoke secretly along with the gentle breeze. 🙂

  1. If you wrote a book, what would the cover look like?

blood tiesBlood Ties: A story of two sisters

7.Finally, I am going to pass Joey’shaiku challenge along: write a haiku with book titles/author names.

I’m not very good with haiku but I’ve tried.

  1. War and peace

How much land does a man need

What then must we do?


2. The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

Man’s search for meaning

One hundred years of solitude


A piece of time


Time was a piece that hung on my wall.

Time was a superb athlete that never got caught.

Time a brilliant concept to a modern man.

And hence, some say — time is money, so run fast keep up the pace.

But to my granny;

Time was the sun that ran up the mountains and came down the hills.

Time was in a carefree mind that repeated the chores and never got old.

Time was always there for all.

Time for boredom never existed at all.

Laughingly she said, we sat while the time ran around us;

You keep running around, while the time sits on your wall.