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One day, on my way back from work I saw a tiny creation. It was a tiny peepal or bodhi tree. It stood there with dignity on some mud which was invisible to my eyes. Its green leaves fluttered in the breeze. To me, it seemed as if it was conveying the message of its joyous existence.

A few days back I was going through a difficult time, but then everything had turned out to be better. This tiny speck of life was reflecting my state of mind and needed a well deserved attention – at least from me. So instead of taking a selfie, I just took its picture for remembrance sake.

It reminded me, that nothing is impossible… that there will always be some hope. It showedΒ  me that hope will reap some kind of creation. It reminded me that every creation born will only become another’s source of inspiration. Once found inspiration, there will be, every reason to be inspired in life to do anything.


peepal tree

12 thoughts on “Inspired about

  1. Isn’t nature wonderful? Imagine that little tree fighting to survive in that inhospitable bit of ground. But survive it will as we all do if we persevere. A lovely post, very wise.


  2. This is one beautiful blog site, one beautiful post, one beautiful picture and I believe you are one beautiful person. Glad to connect. See you around.


    • Thanks Bhanu. Blogging is interesting and WordPress is amazing…you always meet someone good. You too have a terrific blog and I like your voice…so keep writing. Happy to meet you. Will see you again.

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