Time to go…

The boxes are packed and I’m ready to go.

The truck is loaded and the wheels are rolling. The house in which I had stayed for the last five years is slowly becoming distant. But distant, it will only be to my physical eyes, for it is locked in my mind’s eye forever. Although, I’m happy that a new house is waiting for me but also sad as the old is sailing away.

Just like my guardian, the old house had protected me and given me plenty of cherished memories. Right from the beginning, I knew, I shouldn’t get fond of her but I couldn’t stop myself from falling into her arms. The window of the dining room opened like a screen that showed me a motion picture of people and life – I never got bored. The sitting room that was flooded with sunlight opened to a balcony giving a perfect view to a well kept garden. A place where children played and various kinds of birds sat on tree tops feasting on their flowers.

Now it’s time for all this to end. Perhaps, ending is just only a new beginning – and that’s life, I guess.

As I leave my old house behind, I can only be positive and feel excited about the new house.

Once again I’ll be filling the vacant space of a house with different colours of emotions and chunks and pieces of material.

10 thoughts on “Time to go…

  1. Your post really made me cry, Norma. I can understand how you feel as even I’m about to leave my present house for another one in a few months and now that I know I have to leave, I’m actually dreading the move.
    But I’m sure that this is where this chapter ends and a new one awaits for you (and even for me.) Changes are needed for the growth of our soul. So here’s to changes!
    Have a great day dear!


    • Well said, cheers to change! Heena. 😀
      I hope you are able to get the best deal related to the shifting of the house.:) I’m very happy with my present house but I miss the parks that were there in my old society. Change, as you said, is “needed for the growth of our soul.” And I think we have to accept change in our lives – the sooner it is, the better it is. So, I’m staying positive and trying to accept a few changes of my life. 🙂
      Take care Heena!

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      • Thanks, Norma. If we’ll be lucky we’ll get the beautiful bungalow next door. That way, at least, the surroundings won’t change for us.
        Hope you’ll like this new place as much as you liked the old one (or maybe more!)
        We’re all in the same boat, dealing with changes in our own sweet ways. 🙂
        All the best, dear and you too take care 😀


  2. This is beautifully written, Norma! It made me remember my old uni dorm room; even though I was only there for a year, it made me sad to leave it behind. I hope the future holds moments just as beautiful as the ones you experienced at your old home. 🙂


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