Being spared

It was a hot dry day. I was in a car and stopped at this wonderful sight of yellow flowers that had lighted this small stretch of road.

I didn’t mind the heat as I stepped out of my car. I was quickly dissolved at the brightness of these flowers. As I saw the children of nature playing with the gentle breeze I smiled, and I think, they too, smiled at me. I took out my mobile camera and walked to get the angles right. I realized that before capturing it in my mobile I should capture it in my memory first. So, I walked for a few minutes or so.



It was a miracle. Why so…because, it seemed they knew of my coming….All the flowers were fresh and there were only a few petals scattered on the ground. I took a deep breath and filled myself with the essence of its freshness. I enjoyed the sunlight as it played hide and seek in between the spaces created by the yellows and greens. I peeped out of those spaces and the palette of the artist looked fun and playful with azure blue, lemon yellow and forest green scattered in a limited place.



I was lucky to have spared some time because I knew that the next time when ( or if) I’ll visit this place, it would be different as the nature is a submitting canvas in the hands of the creator who changes and colours the landscape with different hues every single minute.

But in reality, it was this moment that had lured me to witness and be a part of this miracle, and had spared me to be in that moment to marvel this beautiful sight.
























11 thoughts on “Being spared

    • Thanks for enjoying these lines Moon. 🙂
      These trees are known as Cassia fistula or golden shower tree and has some use in ayurvedic medicine. It is a species mostly found in Indian subcontinent and regions of Southeast Asia. This is also known as Indian Laburnum and is a distant relative of it.
      Quite honestly, I checked the pictures online, they kind of look the same but have different botanical names. One has medicinal value whereas other is poisonous.

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  1. Wow… looks and sounds so serene, Norma! Sometimes, when I stay inside the home and away from the outside world for prolonged periods of time, I feel a nagging deep inside my heart – a craving to be surrounded by nature and fresh air. I absolutely feel at peace when I’m in nature and seeing your photos and reading your beautiful words has really made mt day!
    Thanks a lot for sharing!


    • I can understand those “prolonged periods…air” I too feel like connecting with nature is the best thing during those times. I always feel happy to see a flower bloom even if it is a by the roadside rather than a bouquet of flowers.
      Thanks for such beautiful words, Heena. I think now you’ve made my day.:) You might be busy with the book and podcast videos, too. I liked the background music too and I think you needn’t worry about your voice…it sounds good. If I may ask, were you an RJ earlier, Heena?

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      • I love watching flowers too, but sadly, I’ve never seen one bloom. I think I must add it to my Bucket List! Thanks for mentioning it 🙂
        And thanks so much! I’m so happy that you liked the podcast. I’ll be posting my first Writing Podcast on 20th this month. hope you’ll like it too. The first one is just a short intro of myself and the new podcast series 🙂
        And to answer your question, no. I wasn’t. I hardly know anything about being an RJ. 😀

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      • That’s the best compliment I’ve got as far as my Podcasting goes. So thanks a ton, Norma. You’re really kind 🙂
        Hopefully, it’ll come out like my review podcasts and won’t disappoint.
        Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

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