In the stillness

The walk seemed like an endless journey to me. The trees and the beautiful flowers no longer pleased me. The farfetched clear blue sky didn’t allure me by its beauty.

I asked myself, should I stop…but the answer was – not yet. My legs were tired and my mind confused. I didn’t understand if I was punishing myself or blaming someone for what was happening in my life.

How I wished at these times – just like in the movies or as in some religious books – a voice could break from the sky and tell me what needs to be done. I am clearly ok with the part: had happened, as it cannot be replayed and edited. And hence, I think, the focus should naturally be on – what’s next.

Now my legs were aching, for in anger I had covered quite a distance.

I kept walking…still.

The end seemed near for it was the edge. The edge was high and deep. I kept staring down below. I kept staring up above. I could have fallen; I could have flown. Instead I sat… I self talked… I sat still… I pondered… I stared….

I sat in the stillness, for a while.

Was I to give up… yet? Was I to give up… so easily?

No ways!

Perhaps, a voice did speak to me. I got up removed the dust and dirt that had clinged onto me.

My self-talk was over. My belief system was shaken and stirred and revisited. My attitude had shifted.

Greater things can be seen when the attitude is altered and perception shifted.

What did I see?

A bright yellow flower, as it stood victoriously under the sun in the midst of some rocky soil. For if the tiny organism could survive, I was certain I too, could. The tiny creature had spoken to me of its determination, perseverance and a strong will to survive. Although, its image was quite contradictory to what it had spoken off.

5 thoughts on “In the stillness

  1. Beautiful and inspiring words, Norma.
    Giving up is not a way out. I’m glad that you found the yellow flower. Even though it’s appearance said otherwise, the determination is what and the willingness is what really matters at the end. 🙂

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  2. An inspirational story for us all to pay heed to: never give up, even when all seems lost. We have to remember that life, in its own right, is good, and we must persevere until things get better – which they generally do, eventually. The image of the little yellow flower, so determined to survive, serves as a perfect ending.

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    • Thanks Millie. 🙂
      Your words reminded me of the famous hymn “count your blessings”. It is one of my favourite songs. I had seen the yellow flower in a deserted place and I didn’t have any camera then, but I wanted to write what it told me…so I spun the story. I’m so glad that you liked the piece. 🙂


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