By the window

I do, believe in miracles. However, I don’t believe that one could fly with wings, but one could definitely fly. We are at least able to get the essence of flight in the form of hand gliding, paragliding, skydiving…sitting on a plane…or even a hot air balloon.

Believe – could stretch as far as our imagination, the catch here only is, that you’ll have to believe, the believe, is believable. And things might turn out in accordance to our belief or even better than that.

For a brief moment I fell in love once again.

There was nothing to be done. I was wondering what to do and so I stood by the window. As I gazed out of the window, I saw something beautiful.

I saw the cloud with a silver line. In fact, for the very first time I noticed that it wasn’t silver but a golden line had outlined a patch of cloud. I stood in the moment enjoying it.

I enjoyed as the sun – a mellow ball – kept bobbling up and down the clouds. I enjoyed the show as the sun came up the cloud and shone like a magic crystal ball and after a fraction of seconds was taken under the grey cloak of the cloud. The up and down…covering and uncovering went on for a while entertaining me with its beautiful magical formation.

I fell in love with the beauty that was at public display.


Watching the sun rise or set is no less than a miracle. Everytime as my watchful eyes have been a witness to the live youtube nature channel it has never failed me off its creativity.  It’s the best show that one could watch…for free, of course. So if you get the time, do subscribe, to the nature channel and enjoy the short movie.

As I was enjoying all this, I could feel all my worries melting away along with it. I was wishing and hoping… “aww! Please don’t go yet, please stay for a while…”

My thoughts were disturbed as the door bell rang and I went to attend it. It was someone.

I had hardly lost one or two minutes and so I rushed…but it was over. The pink clouds were now dark and the ball of fire was shushed to silence. The landscape had turned cold and the sun was going off to sleep.

6 thoughts on “By the window

  1. A very lovely piece of creative writing, Norma. Your description of the view of that golden-lined cloud from the window is delightful. The image you managed to capture is simply stunning and certainly not something to be seen every day! I hope you weren’t too rude in ‘getting rid of’ the caller at your front door. Lol. Some things are just too good to miss. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, no Millie I had ordered something and it was the delivery guy. I was so happy that it was him – he kept the goods and went. 😉
      I’m glad that you liked my writing along with the photo. It’s just amazing how the sky changes its colour – the other day I looked at it, and at the same time but it wasn’t the same. There was no golden line. 🙂
      Still to catch up on the blogging and will be visiting your blog as I find time. Don’t want to miss those posts and stories. 😉
      Right now, thankfully I’m busy with my training.
      I hope you are taking good care of yourself. Take care, Millie.


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