Happy were my childhood days.

Confusion got fused with happy during my teenage days.

Now that I’ve seen different colours of life;

most of the days I wear a mask;

Camouflaging myself;

pretending, that today is not the same as yesterday.


Sometimes when the grief is high,

and pretending becomes difficult;

I stick a smile to my mask.


Then, there are some days,

just so good and bright;

that I don’t need the mask at all.

All I need then, is a big fat smile.

A smile that I smile.

A smile that I get.

Makes me happy,

And pretending goes all waste.

Inspired by today’s prompt:Pretend

2 thoughts on “Pretend

  1. A poem stacked with mixed emotions, and I like the way you describe them with reference to the mask. The idea of sticking a smile on the mask when the grief is high is probably something many of us do at such times – and you have described it well. The last verse is on a much happier note and I love the final line, ‘And pretending goes all waste’.

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    • Thanks for enjoying these playful lines Millie. With the word pretend all I could think was a mask and I did think of the movie Mask as well – funny, isn’t it?:D I too loved the last line. At first I thought of keeping it pretend but found pretending to be better.

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