Whenever and wherever I see these beautiful vibrant red leaf plants I’m surrounded by a fog of nostalgia. It reminds me of a very soon – to approach Christmas. The reds, greens and tiny dots of yellows, forms a very easy combination of a Christmas time, and immediately gushes me with the warm memories of a past Christmas.

As a child, our school would close for winter vacation around the 20th or 23rd of December. Before going on a long vacation, each one of us would take time to neatly tear a blank sheet of paper and draw (at the best) our own interpretation of Christmas.

That would be our Christmas cards; although, in the later years making of cards were substituted with buying read made cards.

Where my artists friends drew candles and cakes, I drew these red and green leaves with golden balls at the center. I don’t know what made them smile, but looking at their happy faces I felt happy, too.

dscn1410At home these plants used to stay in a nice big pot. With the arrival of Christmas, Mr Red And Green Plant used to get a complete make over. I, along with the entire gang of siblings, used to decorate the plant with colourful streamers and balloons. On Christmas eve, we loved bursting and playing with those balloons. Of course, the streamers were spared as they would be reused the next time.

5 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. Lovely memories, Norma. I think many of us have wonderful memories of past Christmases and it’s funny how catching a glimpse of something can set our memories whirling. Poinsettia’s are gorgeous plants and, like you, we have a big one every Christmas. I’m counting the weeks already! 🙂


    • Oh yes its leaves start turning red during or after the months of October or November. As a child, I used to get excited and just like you would (literary) start counting the days to the big celebration day (on a calendar).
      I always thought it to be a funny plant as it carried leaves in the form of flowers and flowers in the form of leaves. 😀 But whenever the leaves would turn to red it did please me a lot. We had one in a pot but some people had it planted in the soil and they too looked gorgeous in full bloom.


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