dscn0127Water is the gift of life. But it would be unjust to say so, as water for all the living forms is not only a gift of life but a precious gift of life.


dscn0069Trying to find its source would be a magical journey.

A journey, that will lead to its end, and only when you’ll reach its end, you’ll realize that it’s only a new beginning.



I tried catching it once, as it ran along the shores but all I got was a slippery eel and wet clothes. So, the next time when it rained I closed it in a glass and froze it.

I liked its white crystal form. I felt proud, that I had tricked and caught some. But as the sun came hard on it, it smiled sparklingly at me and before I could do anything it ran away like a naughty child away from my grip.

8 thoughts on “Water

  1. Nice, Norma. I have many fond water-related memories from childhood. And the thing is, water doesn’t have to involve the ocean at all, as you’ve pictured and written above. I played in creeks and, when it rained, living on a hilly street, I’d sometimes make paper boats and watch them ‘sail’ down the hill. Oh, good times, and lovely post. Stay well, my friend!


    • It was lovely hearing a snippet from your childhood days Leigh and I’m sure there would be many more. Would love to hear those Leigh. 🙂
      Oh, those paper boats – i too made them and enjoyed them running along the lane which used to get filled with monsoon water. Of course, my mom used to scold me for wasting paper. But it was fun. 🙂
      Now that you’ve mentioned Leigh, water does bring a lot of fond memories of childhood days…getting wet in the rain, splashing on the puddle of water when no one was looking at you. I had a river nearby and loved going there. Its quietness always attracted me.

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  2. I love the descriptions in this, Norma, particularly the ones of you catching the water on the shore, as well as a slippery eel! I also like the way you indirectly refer to the water cycle – water’s never-ending journey The sentence ending in ‘you’ll realize that it’s only a new beginning’ is perfect. Beautiful photos, too. 🙂


    • Thanks for reading Millie. 🙂
      I think no other thing can sum up life as water or running water does. I was just reading an article which stated the fact about “living water”…mmh? But can water really be alive, I thought, and I think it is.
      I had a river in our town and I loved looking at it. It would ooze mud during the heavy monsoon months and run like a white tail during the rest of the seasons. 🙂


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