Tiny from above

In the garden, I saw a flower.


Upon walking further, I saw a ladybird clinging to a wild flower.clinging to a flower

And then, I thought what could be tiny – the flower or the lady bird or a small insect that I now saw feasting on a green leaf.


But then I thought why ask this question. From somewhere above, the sun too would appear small, the earth too would look smaller and the life in it would appear tiny. From somewhere above we all would look like tiny specks of lights.


6 thoughts on “Tiny from above

    • Thanks Leigh. 🙂
      I didn’t know about Carl Sagan but thanks to you Leigh I now know of such a great mind.:) He has written some great books out of which one is “pale blue dot” and “cosmos”. Is the language of his books completely scientific or normal? His books seem interesting and I would be interested to read, could you please tell?


      • Hey, Norma. I’ve mostly read Sagan through his newspaper columns back in the 1980s and 1990s. I would say that most of his books, however, are not terribly technical. There’s the demon-haunted world one, which is good also, and he also has a book from the 70s or 80s about the dangers of nuclear power. He often paired with writer Ann Druyan (whom he later married) and I think that she probably helped make his writing more accessible to the public and less technical and jargon-y. I’d say, if the books sound interesting to you, give it a try. Oh, finally, Sagan had a Cosmos TV show (now rebooted, it features astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson; I think I spelled that right!) and the movie “Contact,” with Jodie Foster, is also based on his work. He did a lot in a fairly short life-span. Let me know if you get around to reading or watching any of it. I haven’t read much of the books, just parts.


      • Thanks for replying Leigh. 🙂
        It does sound interesting. I’ll try the books later but will try to watch “Cosmos” first. Will surely tell you about it. I think I had watched “Contact” a long time ago but as the subject didn’t interest me I didn’t watch it and found it hilarious. Jodie Foster is a terrific actress and I like her movies. Can give it try again. 😉


    • Thanks Andrea.:)
      What a great thought there! I too, when accidentally wear an egoistical suit, try to remind myself that I’m just a human and in the light of many other things of creation am just a tiny speck. 🙂

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