Morning Rituals

5-inspiring-mark-twain-quotes-to-read-with-your-morning-coffee-e1439583844651A lot had happened last year and I was tossed into a tornado of emotional upheaval.

A few projects in hand helped me not to sit idle and my mind not to wander aimlessly. Constant working made me tired. As soon as I could afford time and money I went on a vacation. With a replenished body and a renewed mind I joined the motion of life once again.

Now that things have settled a bit I feel much relaxed. I’ve now shifted my focus on the things that I had planned on doing but could not achieve due to personal issues.

With the New Year approaching, I thought, this is the best time to set myself for a task.

At the moment, I was not feeling demotivated but I wasn’t completely motivated on doing anything either. So, I started with the easiest task…of watching all kinds of inspirational videos.

Then when I felt that I had watched plenty, I gave my mind another task. After listening to each speaker, I wrote down (not more than 4-5) points to see what I had remembered from those talks.

Strangely, the word – morning rituals, came up more than 3 times. It was strange, because I had been planning to do something about it for a very long time but just couldn’t do it. Sometimes it was the lack of intent, the other times lack of focus and loads of tailor made excuses that suited me well and kept me in my comfortable seat.

So, taking this as a hint from the universe I began with my own list of things to do. I had to work on the list a couple of times and finally got it down to not more than 4 or 5 things. Although, in the joy of the moment I wanted and felt that I could do it all. But then I remembered from somewhere that it is best to do 5 things everyday rather than plan to do 10 things that you’d eventually fail to do.

The first step is always crucial and so it was. I had decided and had the list of my morning rituals in my hand. I was determined to hit the path. At the moment I’ve kept it very simple: get up early, pray, meditate, have a healthy breakfast and read a positive quote.

Now, everyday I wake up excitedly with a smile. Every night, I go off to sleep thanking for the day that is over and for a new one that will greet me tomorrow. I’m happy with self as this has given me some sense of purpose or has at least pushed me in that direction.

So, what 5 things do you plan on doing before setting yourself out for the day?

11 thoughts on “Morning Rituals

  1. Nice, Norma! Rituals in our household kind of revolve around the day of the week that it is. If it’s a workday/schoolday, then everything’s focused on that. But after I get the kids to school and husband off to work (although he leaves so early, I’m not up that early!), I do definitely have certain rituals that make me feel good and balanced. They’re not, however, like yours because they don’t relate to mantras of self-esteem or meditation, although I’ve often though about doing both. My rituals involve the basics, mostly: eating, drinking (cup of water followed by usually coffee or tea), then getting my stuff together for writing. Early in the morning, I’m usually writing (which for me includes reading blogs and commenting!); I have altered my ritual a little. I used to mostly listen to NPR, turning it way, way down when I’m on a roll with my writing. Nowadays, I’m splitting time between NPR and holiday music. Anyway, I’m so long-winded! Sorry. Great food for thought, and I’m glad to hear that you’ve worked your way out of personal or other disappointments, Norma!


    • It’s always a pleasure to hear from you Leigh.:)
      I’m happy to know that you have your own set of rituals. I think everyone should have their own sets of rituals. I respect you (and many others who have) high spirits as they fulfill their various responsibilities and still have the determination and drive to do the one thing that helps them be themselves. This can be anything, I guess for you it is writing and reading (and could be many more), for others it could be gardening or cooking or anything.
      I’ve always wanted to have my set of rituals to start the day with but was never able to do it. So, this time I was determined to discipline my mind and get over its lame excuses and the cozy laziness that it had got use to. With a solid determination, I assigned myself with a list of morning rituals. In the end I would like to agree with you in saying that once you have and follow your (morning) rituals they do give you a sense of happiness and balance. It doesn’t really matter if they are morning or night rituals, so far as you have them and follow them, I think… its great.

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    • That’s so good to know Moon. I believe they really help you to be focused, in your life, in some way – not absolutely necessary but somewhat important, depending on a person’s time, responsibilities and want. What are your morning rituals, Moon? 5 things that you would do without fail.
      I really had to train my mind because every time I wanted to start, something or the other would stop me from doing so; but this time I was adamant. 🙂
      Thanks for reading it.:)


  2. I often have great plans for morning rituals, but I’m really not a morning person, so they tend to fall by the wayside! However, our morning dog walk to the park at 6am is non-negotiable and despite the early start, especially when it’s dark, it’s one of my favourite parts of the day.

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    • Sorry for the late reply Andrea. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.
      I used to see my mom getting up early as a child and loved getting up with her. I also enjoyed the landscape turning from dark to life. I think, throughout my school life I used to get up early and sometimes sleep late too (when studying). But you can’t keep up with rising early once you start working, and it’s difficult to follow certain morning rituals or keep up some good habits. 🙂
      Nevertheless, as you say the early 6 o’ clock walk is non-negotiable for you but it is one of the favourite part of the day. I’m sure you’ll agree that it is a nature’s magic show – one, that if you get used to will not want to miss. But training the body to go for it is really hard at times. 😦

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  3. I hadn’t really realised that you’d had such a bad year, Norma, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve been so down. Having not been on my blog much either, it’s so easy to get out of touch. I had thought you were just really busy with school work and hadn’t considered more personal issues. It’s good to hear how positive you now are.
    As for daily rituals, for me my morning walk is essential before I set to work, either on housework or my writing. I’m retired, so I don’t have o think about getting out to work any more. Perhaps our only rituals after that are coffee and tea breaks. 🙂 I hope your new routine continues to keep you motivated and happy.


    • Sorry for the late reply, Millie. It’s always good to hear from you.:)
      Thankfully and yes I was busy with my freelance projects this year, but I was also dealing with a lot of other family (mental+emotional) issues. You see the work was a hiding (and happy) zone for me but home was no longer an area of comfort. But life gives you a situation only to learn something from it, the sooner you learn from it the better it is.;) After dealing with and juggling much I saw I was getting far from my blogging world and writing too. 😦 So, I thought morning rituals would be a good idea to get started and that too before the new year. I’m still trying to keep up with my blogging.
      Hope that this year will come to a happy end only to begin the next year with great happiness, love and peace around all of us. 🙂


      • I couldn’t agree more with you, Norma. We’ve had a lot of emotional issues within the family to deal with, too, and Nick and I always seem to be the ones to have to sort them out. I love all my family dearly, but there are one or two of them who really need to ‘get their act together’!
        Like you, I’m hoping to be on my blog a little more next year. It’s been seriously neglected this year. I’ve kept putting travel posts up, simply because they’re easier than the writing challenges. I love writing the stories, but getting back to the community and reading so many stories is so time consuming. I love doing it, and miss it all very much, but time has been my enemy this year.
        I hope next year will bring you happiness and contentment and I hope to chat with you much more often!


      • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that Millie. I hope and pray dear friend that there is peace,love,happiness and great understanding among every one in your family.
        I agree with you Millie that blogging is sometimes time consuming when you want to write (creative or inspirational) posts and contribute by reading and commenting that too when your mind is dealing with a lot of other (important or personal) matters. Even I too, have been struggling with my time and trying to bring back my focus, determination and discipline back into writing after going through a hard time in the past few months.
        Let’s hope that next year we see each other more often.:) I love chatting with you and was wondering where had you been as there were limited posts and so I thought you might be busy with some writing projects. (Although, it was good as I could keep up the pace and read them all ;)).
        I just can’t wait for Christmas. Hope you enjoy and have sweet memories of it and hope everything will be sorted out well before that. 😀
        Take care dear friend! And let’s keep up our hopes always high. 🙂

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      • Thank you for your lovely thoughts, Norma. I’m looking forward to Christmas, too – and the new year. I’m really trying to get my book finished now, so my blogging won’t be back to normal for a while.
        I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that next year is much kinder to you. ❤


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