Lost N’ Found

It feels like home.

A very BIG HELLO! to all my blogger friends. I hope you’ll are doing good in your lives.

I had been absent from the blogspace for quite some time and it would be pointless to say that I missed all the aspects of blogging — reading, commenting…posting and my blogger friends of all.

Out of many things that had kept me busy I had fallen in love once again with my pencil. Yes, a pencil…and a blank white sheet of paper. Long time back I had read a few blog posts by other writers about how they had fallen in love with writing and when had they first started to write. Some remembered that they had started to write from the age of 10 or 11 or 7 and at one place I remember reading that the person had written the first story when she was 5. Of course she admitted it to be childish but it was a story and she hung it on the fridge door. I thought how could that be possible — 11…7, I could understand but 5? But then I thought, it could be possible just like I had started drawing right from the age when I had started writing words. Of course, at that time no one really thought it to be great… including me. I mean all children draw…they all draw well in their own little ways, and they all are endlessly creative. It was only after age 10 that my mom saw and others too noticed my talent that I was enrolled to an art school.

I had joined the art school at an early age and left it even before I could finish it. My biggest regret. My father wasn’t really supportive of this and so one day his words trumpeted like thunder in my ears “…then don’t go. Leave it.” The words had been itched into my heart permanently and I stopped going to my art class and then I slowly withdrew myself from drawing so much so that I hated it.

I had punished myself for a very long time only to realize that I could not stay away from it even if I wanted to. While reading a book or writing or even sitting at some cafe or in a queue …. in every floating moment I caught myself drawing something or the other.

Finally, when I couldn’t resist the pull towards my love, I forgave myself for being too harsh on myself.

I am so happy that what  I thought was lost in me never to be found… to my great surprise is found and I have once again fallen — truly deeply in love with it again.

So, here are a few sketches that I drew when I was away.  I know there are many others who are more talented and draw amazingly well, but for me it’s again a start and I’m once again falling in love with it. I hope you enjoy. And of course there is plenty to learn and improve.

Thanks for listening…reading and visiting.






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