A few months back I bought a hibiscus plant. Somehow it caught insects and I did everything to get rid of those. Finally the plant became green but I hadn’t seen any buds or flowers. A few days back, I was satisfied to see a bud peeping out of the leaves.

It was the beginning of summer and a bad time to buy a rose plant…but I did. Infact I bought two, one red and one white. Within a week’s time they both dried and I got sad. In desperate need to revive them I just trimmed them, I don’t know why… but I did. Every morning, I watched the plants to see some signs of life. I knew they were alive but I just needed some signs. Then one day, I saw new leaves sprouting in the red one first and then the white one. One or two days back, I was more than satisfied, thrilled and happy to see a bud greeting me.



That day was not at all heavenly, when I had caught a glimpse of you. I came home and could only see you — everywhere, in everything.

The next day, I had thoughts about you lingering in my head all day long. But that was not all, something was burning inside me… it was burning me all.

Unusual place to sit

Sundays are generally grocery shopping days for me. So this Sunday when I was coming back I saw an unusual stranger sitting on the rooftop of my car.


I took out my mobile to capture this stranger. I had seen green grasshoppers, but this was a little different than that and immediately captured my attention because of its striking stripes in yellow and somewhat greenish blue colour. Unfortunately I could take only one photo. As it turned towards me, I thought of taking its close up but I think I made it nervous and it started walking away from me.


My bags were packed and I was ready to go. The drive was long and sad. I had left my home, kids and my husband behind. My heart kept aching as the distance grew more. But along the highway came a glorious scene. Yellow sunflowers had melted into the golden sky and the landscape had turned harmoniously breathtaking. My heart was still aching but something in me told me that everything would just be fine and that the time would harmonize itself peacefully with reality.