Jingle Jangle

Walking the dark streets, the only sound that I heard was the tic-tac-tak-tak of my heels.
The rhythm, I had hardly ever noticed but today for the first time I had listened and had started to enjoy.
I walked past a street light that was shining as bright as it could in the night.
A jingle, I heard… or so I thought.
At night, things talk and you don’t even have to pay any attention.
I walked but everything was silent now, even my phone…and I heard the jingle jangle once again.
I walked as fast as I could and reached where I now lay peacefully — at my new home…at a cemetery.


4 thoughts on “Jingle Jangle

  1. A man walks into a library and checks out a book on suicide. He walks out and the librarian then turns to her work associate and says, “He’s not bringing that book back.”


    • Thanks Andrea. 🙂 I always love the process of writing a story as it always turns out to be so different than what I usually start with in my head.


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