Disastrous reluctance

It was evening time and the breeze was cool and gentle. So I decided to go out for a walk.

I was out on the road. Due to the good weather some kind of flies were hovering near the street lights. Looking at this, there were a handful of lizards jumping out from the bushes with joy for a ready meal that appeared in plenty.

The first time I walked a circle I saw a lizard standing in the middle of the path. It didn’t show any fear as I approached it. Rather it showed reluctance and stood right at the center.

I took a second round, but this time it ran away.

I took a third round and it stood still at the center again.

On my fourth round its smashed body was lying still. It was struck by a disaster. A car had run over it. I wondered if it was the same lizard or any other. But the spot was the same where I had seen it earlier —center of the path — and so, I thought it could have been the same one.