Disastrous reluctance

It was evening time and the breeze was cool and gentle. So I decided to go out for a walk.

I was out on the road. Due to the good weather some kind of flies were hovering near the street lights. Looking at this, there were a handful of lizards jumping out from the bushes with joy for a ready meal that appeared in plenty.

The first time I walked a circle I saw a lizard standing in the middle of the path. It didn’t show any fear as I approached it. Rather it showed reluctance and stood right at the center.

I took a second round, but this time it ran away.

I took a third round and it stood still at the center again.

On my fourth round its smashed body was lying still. It was struck by a disaster. A car had run over it. I wondered if it was the same lizard or any other. But the spot was the same where I had seen it earlier —center of the path — and so, I thought it could have been the same one.


Edible treat

I loved my aunt’s place. She had a big house and loved to keep decorative items.
Whenever I went to her place, she would feed me with all new and different types of cookies and chocolates.

One day, I had returned from school and saw vibrant fruits — an apple, banana and 3 oranges — kept on a plate on the center table. Something made them look very attractive. Without much thinking I grabbed one to eat, but it was hard and cold.

I realized that except for its appearance nothing was quite edible of it. They were masterfully sculpted and painted in clay. My aunt had got it from somewhere as a keepsake for us. Though, they could not be savored but there bright and almost real look served as a treat to my eyes and also became a means to fool my friends and any relatives when they visited us.


Savor each bite

Pangs of hunger had squeezed my stomach but I couldn’t entertain it.

With hurried steps I was walking towards my destination — my home.

I unlocked the door… threw my bag on the sofa. Went straight to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

I took a pan and put it on a stove… added some oil and then broke one egg… a very loud grumble from my stomach suggested me to add another egg to the pan. I scrambled them and then grated some cheese to it and sprinkled some fresh coriander leaves unto them.

Ah!…mmmh… I sank in my sofa and started to have my mini meal. With each bite that I chewed, I savored this simple yet delightful food that I was having after 5hrs of non-stop work.


Every time I bury

Every time I bury a seed

It sprouts from the soil

And reaches for the sky


Every time I bury a little dust

It conspires with the wind

And vanishes away magically


Every time the sky tries to bury the sun

It springs up

And races out in the sky the very next day


Every time I see someone in pain and sorrow

I try to bury my own and help the others

My own sorrows and pain become less bearable



Jingle Jangle

Walking the dark streets, the only sound that I heard was the tic-tac-tak-tak of my heels.
The rhythm, I had hardly ever noticed but today for the first time I had listened and had started to enjoy.
I walked past a street light that was shining as bright as it could in the night.
A jingle, I heard… or so I thought.
At night, things talk and you don’t even have to pay any attention.
I walked but everything was silent now, even my phone…and I heard the jingle jangle once again.
I walked as fast as I could and reached where I now lay peacefully — at my new home…at a cemetery.