Book Review: A Dash of Flash by Millie Thom

A long vacation was due for me so I had packed my bags but I couldn’t think of not reading anything. So, I chose a book that I had been wanting to read for a long time and it was — A Dash of Flash.

Here’s my copy (Kindle version)


It truly was a collection of flash fictions. The bonus for me were the pictures that some stories had. The author had already stated the length of the stories in the “about the book” page. Some stories were as short as 100 words and some were as long as 1000 words. The length really didn’t matter to me as I enjoyed reading all of them. Inspite of being on my vacation, once I had picked up the book for reading, I was amazed that I could not keep it until I was close to finishing it. I had intentionally kept some to read on the plane. Each story was different in its own sense and style. I think, I could re-read it again.

I also loved the cover of the book. The typewriter and a stroke of lightning looks very appealing to the eyes.

So, if you are a fan of short stories or flash fictions I would suggest that you give a read to this book and I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed.

Thanks You all…


… for helping me to keep going

Today, I would like to “Thanks ” all my friends, followers and all the visitors of my blog. 🙂

I would like to say that I truly appreciate you visiting my blog, reading my posts and commenting on the most heartfelt posts.

I would also like to say that it is all because of the kind, supportive and encouraging words of my dear readers and blogger friends (guys, you know who you all are as your words have helped me to keep going and not stopping even when I wanted to…. so a big thanks to you all guys). It means a lot to me.

I would like to thank my blogger community as they stood by me and not pulling out when I was sailing hard times — that means so much to me — so a Big Thank You for that too.

All those who have followed me in my journey of blogging would know and would have see the blog evolve a lot, so thanks a ton for staying and enjoying with me through the various colours of my blog.

I know, I’ve not been very consistent in the past few months but I’m happy to say that I’m back to my blogging world and I can’t wait to dig my hands deeper into the blogspace and get back to where I belong…friends, reading, commenting, chatting, sharing and contributing.

So, Thank You all of you, once again for your time, patience and great encouragement. 😀

On this note, I would also want to welcome all the new faces and new names that have just joined in. 😀

Kinky Boots

So yesterday I spent my evening watching the movie — Kinky Boots

It was an old movie, produced in the year 2005.

Stars: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joel Edgerton, Sarah-Jane Potts |

Watch The Trailer

How did I like the movie?

I liked it. It had a simple story. I wanted to watch something light, watchable that involved no brains while watching. It did entertain me with all that along with a bit of humor, romance, pain, heartache and happiness.

The story…

…is about — Charlie, who owns a shoe factory after the unexpected death of his father.
After his father’s death he understands that the factory wasn’t doing very well, almost standing on the edge of bankruptcy. He struggles to keep the factory running but he fails  as there is no market for the shoes they make. So, he resorts to another solution — he starts firing people. But a question thrown at Charlie makes him think and he is propelled in another direction — reviving his business and finding a product to go with time rather than against it. He does find an unusual solution. And that’s when “Lola” comes into the picture.

In the end — it’s a happy ending. But the happy isn’t all happy as Charlie faces some trouble but in the end appears to be a hero.

I enjoyed the movie along with the fine acting skills of all the actors.

If you have already watched this movie, then please share your thoughts. If you are considering, then I hope you like it. 🙂

Book Review: The Freethinker’s Prayer Book

I had read a short story by him, in school, and I really loved his writing style. Would put this on my list, too.
Thanks Asha.

Asha Seth

This isn’t a book review, not in the actual sense. Simply because this is not one of the books you can pass judgment on. If anything, it is one of those books you read for just the pleasure of reading.

Now, there’s quite a tale following why in the first place I read this book. I wouldn’t deprive you of the pleasure. So here goes!

Well, let me be honest. I did not know who Khushwant Singh is or rather was, not until recent past, let alone the literary genius that he actually was. The day the author passed away, a close friend whom I address as S here (an admirer of the late author), drowning in grief, didn’t know what to do with his life but speak to me on the subject. I was moved by his love for the author which I soon realized was instilled in him by his parents (who…

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Elements of nature

A forest reminds me of all the elements of nature, even fire.

A plant — to me, reminds me of all the elements of nature, except for fire, I guess… at least, not in my garden.


A running river — a symbol of water — stands as one of the most powerful elements of nature after fire.

A ball of fire, but kept at a safe distance from us.

Nature’s lamp

Air  — wind, they stay invisible and can only be seen when the trees and leaves flutter or clouds drift away. Of course, even this could show us its temper sometimes.

Free delivery

There was a time when I was shopping for furniture for my home. Every store that I used to enter, I used to look at the furniture with keen and interested eyes. Out of the many, only few caught my attention. And out of those shops that had good furniture only a few of them offered free delivery. I was stubborn enough not to pay extra and leave the furniture — until one day, I got the perfect piece along with the free delivery.

Fierce fiery glare

Has it ever happened that you instruct someone something and they either don’t follow the instruction or do the exact opposite of what you’ve asked?

Once I was at home and had not attended my college. I got a call from my friend whom I wanted to avoid. So I asked my sister to talk to her and tell her that I was unwell and if asked more then tell her that I was not at home.

As instructed like an adorable sister she said, “Yah hi! She didn’t come because she was unwell.” Until that point it was ok. And then all of a sudden she starts, “yes, she is saying that she is not well and she is not at home right now.”

I stood glaring at her with fierce fiery eyes. Anger… embarrassment…they all came upon me. I had to take the receiver to talk to my friend. I gently started telling her that I was just coming to talk… and god knows what did she hear and why did she tell that.

Little sister you know!

She and I both started laughing.

Carousel journey

Going round and round in circles, I loved to sit on the small wooden ponies. They were painted in bright colours and I enjoyed the music that played along the ride. The carousel was decorated in bright light. It moved round and round, and the lights spun with me… all over me…all around me. I could not make sense of what was moving and what was standing still. But I enjoyed the rush and I laughed hard and screamed harder.

Today as I stand at the airport ready to collect my baggage, as it comes sitting on the carousel, it reminds me of the past days… of moving — live carousel that I once journeyed on.