Shimmering Light

You could read part 1 of the story here: Foggy Night

I was inspired to write this story after I had received an encouraging comment by a blogger friend asking me to continue with “Foggy Night”.


The landscape was not like the one I was used to. There were no trees or houses but there were buildings — very tall, like trees. They looked kind of same only varying in dimensions.

It felt like I was walking, but I was wrong. It was my surrounding that was moving around me.

The green cloud bubbles that had been hovering over my head had now started bursting into shimmering lights. It looked like fire crackers but they didn’t melt in the green sky…they started falling down. I wanted to run, but could not. I had ducked myself down and my eyes were closed.

And suddenly I heard a voice, “Don’t be afraid.”

I opened my eyes — and all I saw was light. My body had disappeared, or if it existed at this point in time I could not see or feel it —  at all.


6 thoughts on “Shimmering Light

  1. rit s says:

    Great that you wrote the second post…..Your description takes us to another world, and an advantage of the flash fiction style is that much is also left for the reader to imagine. I liked the surreal ending. 🙂
    -Ritika (songs_of_life)


    • I guess, I must have been binge watching “Doctor Who or X-Files” kind of serials. That’s true Ritika. Flash fictions are fun to write and great to read. Specially photo prompts where you have one photo and so many different takes on it. I’m glad you liked the ending.
      Thanks for reading, visiting and commenting. 🙂


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