Book Review: The Freethinker’s Prayer Book

I had read a short story by him, in school, and I really loved his writing style. Would put this on my list, too.
Thanks Asha.

Asha Seth

This isn’t a book review, not in the actual sense. Simply because this is not one of the books you can pass judgment on. If anything, it is one of those books you read for just the pleasure of reading.

Now, there’s quite a tale following why in the first place I read this book. I wouldn’t deprive you of the pleasure. So here goes!

Well, let me be honest. I did not know who Khushwant Singh is or rather was, not until recent past, let alone the literary genius that he actually was. The day the author passed away, a close friend whom I address as S here (an admirer of the late author), drowning in grief, didn’t know what to do with his life but speak to me on the subject. I was moved by his love for the author which I soon realized was instilled in him by his parents (who…

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