Kinky Boots

So yesterday I spent my evening watching the movie — Kinky Boots

It was an old movie, produced in the year 2005.

Stars: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joel Edgerton, Sarah-Jane Potts |

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How did I like the movie?

I liked it. It had a simple story. I wanted to watch something light, watchable that involved no brains while watching. It did entertain me with all that along with a bit of humor, romance, pain, heartache and happiness.

The story…

…is about — Charlie, who owns a shoe factory after the unexpected death of his father.
After his father’s death he understands that the factory wasn’t doing very well, almost standing on the edge of bankruptcy. He struggles to keep the factory running but he fails  as there is no market for the shoes they make. So, he resorts to another solution — he starts firing people. But a question thrown at Charlie makes him think and he is propelled in another direction — reviving his business and finding a product to go with time rather than against it. He does find an unusual solution. And that’s when “Lola” comes into the picture.

In the end — it’s a happy ending. But the happy isn’t all happy as Charlie faces some trouble but in the end appears to be a hero.

I enjoyed the movie along with the fine acting skills of all the actors.

If you have already watched this movie, then please share your thoughts. If you are considering, then I hope you like it. 🙂