Thanks You all…


… for helping me to keep going

Today, I would like to “Thanks ” all my friends, followers and all the visitors of my blog. 🙂

I would like to say that I truly appreciate you visiting my blog, reading my posts and commenting on the most heartfelt posts.

I would also like to say that it is all because of the kind, supportive and encouraging words of my dear readers and blogger friends (guys, you know who you all are as your words have helped me to keep going and not stopping even when I wanted to…. so a big thanks to you all guys). It means a lot to me.

I would like to thank my blogger community as they stood by me and not pulling out when I was sailing hard times — that means so much to me — so a Big Thank You for that too.

All those who have followed me in my journey of blogging would know and would have see the blog evolve a lot, so thanks a ton for staying and enjoying with me through the various colours of my blog.

I know, I’ve not been very consistent in the past few months but I’m happy to say that I’m back to my blogging world and I can’t wait to dig my hands deeper into the blogspace and get back to where I belong…friends, reading, commenting, chatting, sharing and contributing.

So, Thank You all of you, once again for your time, patience and great encouragement. 😀

On this note, I would also want to welcome all the new faces and new names that have just joined in. 😀

8 thoughts on “Thanks You all…

  1. Thanks for coming “back,” and writing again on your blog, Norma. I should know, it’s not an easy thing to do if you’ve been away for awhile (at least to me, that’s the way it feels). In any case, best wishes and onward!

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  2. We all need a break at one time or another, Norma, and I’ve been in the same position as you and had big gaps in my blogging over the last year. It is hard to come back and we lose contact with so many people we used to chat with a lot. Happy blogging from now on…! 😀


    • I’m just thinking that you are working on the 3rd book of yours… so that makes me happy. 🙂
      But I would definitely agree with you on the “hard to come back… and chat” part. I see that you too have started blogging but not that frequently… still busy ha. It was a good thing for me because when I started reading your blog there weren’t too many posts too read. ;D Happy reading for me, you know. 😀


    • Thanks Andrea. 😀 It’s a pleasure to have met you. It’s the positive support that I get from my blogger friends, such as you and others, that pulls be back into the blogging world and I just can’t keep myself away from it… somewhat get addicted to it, you know. 😉 So thanks a ton to you, too, for just being there. It means a lot to me. Take care, and happy September 😀

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