Got by the Thrones

I just had a dream yesterday and I think it was the most hilarious dream that I’ve had in a long time. So here it goes….

I’m at a place which looks like a marketplace in Middle East. And then, I see Jon Snow — of course, from the Game of Thrones. He is helping someone… a female escape. I just see the head which is covered and she is mounted on something high. I assume it could be a horse or a dragon or even a camel (as it is Middle East) but just then, I see Jon Snow turning on the ignition of an all terrain vehicle. (WAAHT!) Before I could digest this, I’m caught by the aching look of separation in Jon Snow’s eyes.

No dialogue…only the look exists. (AAAW!)

Just then, Tyrion happens to be there at the market place and he sees them, but they don’t see him. He is also mounted on an all terrain vehicle. He mumbles to himself, “Don’t! Don’t do that. Don’t go!”

Just then, Jon Snow starts the vehicle of the female and I hear the engine.

I see Tyrion with an intense look on his face.

And then, I wake up….

Let me be honest, I had watched Game of Thrones a few days back but I would admit that I’m not the biggest fan of it nor am I obsessed with its characters and yet, I ended up in a dreamy episode of Game of Thrones, under the banner of — My Own Dream Production House.

I woke up thinking that I was actually watching an episode of it.  But then, I let the thought sink in for some seconds (the way you would also do after watching a real episode). I then realized that it was just a dream.  The funny thing is, I actually had a question in my mind — Who was that female…Daenerys or Sansa… weird!  After a quick reality check, I could not stop smiling at the thought of what I had seen.

Have you had such a dream about some serial or a movie which is an extension of the same but are your own fragments? I would love to hear if you’ve ever stayed on the sets of your favourite or not so favourite serial or movie with or without its characters…but only in your dreams, that is.