My gratitude list

I’m grateful for the people who are (or had been) a part of my life in any way and helped me in my life’s learning process.

I’m thankful to my mother.

I’m thankful to my teachers in schools and colleges.

I’m thankful to my first boss.

I’m thankful to my old friends.

I’m thankful to the new friends in real as well as blog/virtual world.

I’m thankful to those friends too, who had crossed my path and have now walked their separate ways. I wish them great happiness and peace in their lives.

I’m thankful to all my family members.

I’m thankful to my blogger friends, followers and readers.

I’m thankful to my community groups.

I’m thankful to my colleagues.

I’m thankful to the teacher who taught me meditation.

I’m thankful to the teacher who taught me reiki.

I’m thankful to the people who had hurt me in any way. I forgive them, and accept it as a necessary learning curve of my life.

I’m thankful to the guard of my building.

I’m thankful to my domestic help.

I’m thankful to the person from whom I buy my grocery.

I’m thankful to the services of the postman.

I’m thankful to the delivery person who brings things that I order.

I’m thankful to the waiter who serves me at a restaurant.

I’m thankful to the cook who serves me food at a restaurant or my office.

I’m thankful to the farmers who grow food in abundance for me.

I’m thankful to all the positive people in my life.

I’m thankful to the people who speak nicely to me.

I’m thankful to the people who share their abundant knowledge, wisdom and information with me.

I’m thankful to the person who had cut my hair.

I’m thankful to my employer.

I’m thankful to the beautician’s services.

I’ve heard people talk about gratitude journals. I would love to have a separate journal for it, but I haven’t started it yet.  I write down my gratitude list on a notebook in which I write almost everything. I thought it would be a good idea to just write a gratitude list for the people too.

Having a gratitude list for people (who mean a lot to me) has helped me to have a stronger bond with them. Being thankful to the (particular) people who have harmed or hurt me, knowingly or unknowingly, has also made me stronger and better as it has helped me to analyze the situation which had existed at the time and also shift my perspective from me… to the other person.  Sometimes a person has a reason to behave like a clown but sometimes its their nature, and when it’s their nature then you need to let go and forgive yourself for holding onto the bitter experiences inflected upon you by them. I’ve realized forgiving someone this way releases you of the past pain, guilt and anger. It also helps you to move faster towards the road to inner happiness and health.

So, who all would you like to thank today? Do come up with your list, and let me know.