Not A Mighty Warrior, After All

I was not a mighty warrior like my brother. In fact I was happy not to be one.

It was the usual record, “Look at your brother! Learn from him.” my mom kept playing at me all the time.

I sat in between my brother and my mom, with a grumpy face. My plate was full. I hadn’t touched a single bit of the veggie, to be more specific — bitter gourd. My only (silent) question to my mom was, “Well, if you know that I hate it so much then why do you make it and even if you make it, why do you want me to eat it?” But I think, I already know the answer to it — it’s good for you, it’s good for your health.

But for toady spare me the fun, mom. I refuse to eat that thing today. I will not be the mighty warrior you want me to be. Silently I get up and walk towards my room.
My mom in an icy cold voice says, “Food or no food at all… seems you’ve decided.”

I shut my bedroom door. Take out my bag and grab a bar of snickers and savor each bite with delight. My small tummy will survive for today. After all what do I have to fear… I’m not a mighty warrior after all.

5 thoughts on “Not A Mighty Warrior, After All

    • Sorry for the late reply Andrea.
      Oh, it is a vegetable that you cannot mess around with as it is (too) bitter in taste. Some people hate it, but some love it for the same reason. Andrea I don’t know if you get it at your place but it is also called Momordica charantia. It has spikes and is green in colour but is soft and you can peel off the skin as well. It has many health benefits and that’s why people say that you should eat them. I used to hate it as a child but then I started loving it. It’s very good for acne and purifys blood, too (that’s what they say). I also love the shape of it as it looks very artistic to me.


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