Layered is always hidden

Layered is always hidden. What you see in the exterior may or may not be the same in its interior.

I wonder, how many petals are layered in there cozily.

I wonder, how many layers of time is hidden in the desert, and only mother nature can turn it upside down like an hour glass but till when shall it remain silent. Or is it silent at all, in the inside as well.

I wonder, if at all the layers of this gigantic mountain can be peeled off, and if so, how much time and effort will go on the part of humans and how much on the part of mother nature.

3 thoughts on “Layered is always hidden

    • Oh, when I was walking on it I asked our tour guide, “Is it safe?” You can’t blame me for watching those documentaries which show snakes, lizards and Scorpios treading on them one moment and going amiss the other. I’ve also heard that where there is sand, there once was water — so who knows, what would we find beneath.
      Have a happy week, Andrea! 🙂

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