Partnered to serve

This is a story for Friday Fictioneers, which is hosted by Rochelle. Every week you are challenged to write a 100 word story based on a photo.

Thanks to J Hardy Carroll for this week’s photo and also to Rochelle for hosting the challenge.

A special thanks to all the readers for their time, too. I came with another story and couldn’t stop myself from sharing it. Hope you enjoy!

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Days of searching, now stopped. My partner and I stood against an old abandoned building.

“Should we go or wait.”

“Why wait? Let’s g….”

A screeching siren had interrupted us. It came from inside the place.

“Do you think, somebody….”

Jerry started moving, and I followed him like Mary’s lamb.

Terror was walking in the air. Something was hanging in the dark against the wall. I neared it.

I heard a sound from behind. It was the cracking sound of my skull.

I turned around. The light was fleeing the scene. The door was taking me in. The case — CLOSED.

19 thoughts on “Partnered to serve

    • Jerry killed his partner and left him to die. Now Jerry, the serial killer, is free again. The narrator understood it too late only when he saw Jerry leaving.
      Sometimes the story needs more, but we have to play by the word limit. I think that’s the challenging part but that’s also the fun part. Isn’t it, Linda?
      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. rit s says:

    “The cracking sound of my skull!” This ones scary enough…phew…Two completely different takes on the same photo. Nice 🙂
    -Ritika (songs_of_life)


    • I know! It just came to me while I was writing this. I came with this one first and it really scared me so I wanted to have another good light one.
      Thanks for reading and commenting Ritika. 🙂


    • Thanks DeeDee.
      I tried commenting on your story but for some reason it didn’t accept it. I clicked two or three times, so I’m sorry if you would’ve got them more than once.
      A nice approach to the prompt. Can’t blame the narrator, though. We all have dreams of those kinds. Hope the dreams turns out to be real for the narrator.


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