Who wouldn’t want to dance when they are happy? Who wouldn’t want to sing when they are joyous in their hearts? I would.

Looking at other people dance amazes me. Dancing to me is like you attain this fluidity and sync with the words that is either a song or music. I would love to do that, flow with the music.

I’ve tried it, I can’t deny that.

How hard could that be, right? Wrong! It was very hard for me. Years back I started to learn dancing. I was told by my teacher to let myself loose. I tried, but I was stiff as a stick.

I was sure of one other thing. I knew at that point in time, all the others were doing a secret job of watching me — dancing. Although I knew no body had that much time to invest on a dancer who couldn’t even spin gracefully. But I was sure of it — that all eyes were on me.

My teacher tried to prove me wrong. But nothing helped me or her to prove otherwise.

A good thing was I completed my dancing course.  But I still dance like a stiff stick.

Written for daily prompt: Dancing