I love mushrooms. To me, they stand next to non-vegetarian dish. And that also means good food. I say this because I’ve recently turned into a vegetarian. I had been a diehard non-vegetarian all my life till now, and since I don’t crave for chicken wings any more I irresistibly love mushrooms in my food. Not that I didn’t love them earlier but now the craving is more after I’ve stopped eating non-vegetarian dishes.

I love mushrooms as they are easy to cook and can be added to soups and stir fries. Now that I’m writing I feel like having a mushroom omelet. I have stopped eating meat but I love eggs, so I guess, I’m an eggetarian now.

Thankfully I’m not allergic to mushrooms. I only fell sick once and I don’t know if it was the mushroom in the food or something else that made me sick. But that was only once.

I also think they are a piece of beauty. On my walking trails, as a child, I used to see tiny mushrooms sprouting out from places as they often do. I loved them then, as I do now. Of course, I know that there are edible and non-edible varieties but irrespective of this I still love them.

Inspired to write for daily prompt: Mushroom