How brilliant of me!

We each love to live in our own self-made bubble of securities and myths.

I’m no different. I too, have them and once in a while I do think, “How brilliant I am!” Not that there is anything wrong with such a thought process, except one should think twice.

On so-and-so bright summer day, I thought I could put my brilliant mind to work. I wanted to drink cold… chilled water. I wanted it quick. So instead of using a plastic bottle, I filled water in a glass bottle. Then I kept the bottle in the freezer.

Time passed by and I thought it was time for me to take a sip of that chilled water. I thought, “What a great pleasure it would be to drink chilled water while the sun was screaming outside.” To my surprise, the bottle was cracked, which ran right from the bottom to the center of it.

It was too late to undo the action. I realized that sometimes somethings are irreplaceable and irreparable. The lesson was learnt at the price of ignoring my common sense. Oh, and that was one of my favourite bottles. It had a bright yellow colour.

Drew inspiration from daily prompt: Brilliant


2 thoughts on “How brilliant of me!

    • Haha! I cannot disagree with the wise lady speaking here. 🙂
      I guess the price of intelligence is much better than foolishness. But what can you do other than laugh and learn and move on. 🙂

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