Month names

Oh boy! it was a challenge to remember all those names of months. I always used to forget them. And if I ever remembered them, there order was always incorrect.

But then my mother showed me a cool way to remember them. She showed me to count them on my knuckles (as in between them).

I thought it was a cool trick. Counting them on the vallies and hills of my knuckles not only helped me to remember the order but also the number of days they had (as in, if they had 30 or a 31 days) in them. Plus I could recite them any time. That was fun!

I couldn’t wait to share this with other kids at school, then.

Now, I can’t wait to share this with other younger children. It’s good to see that the trick fills them with the same wonderment as it had once filled me with smiling eyes.

Thanks Ma.

Was inspired to write for the daily prompt:  Mnemonic


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