Rises the sun

The sun rises with a bright promise of a new day.


It sets in time fulfilling its promise.

Nature’s lamp

In the evening, I sit in contemplation of what I did and what I could do better for the next day.

Awaiting a new sunrise for the next day, I sleep.

Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

Standing in silence

This is a story for Friday Fictioneers, which is hosted by Rochelle. Every week you are challenged to write a 100 word story based on a photo.

Thanks to  Fatima Fakier Deria for this week’s photo and also to Rochelle for hosting the challenge.

Thanks to all the readers for their time, too.

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria

He stood in silence as he had for years.

Molly, the cleaning lady, lost her job. Tommy, the driver, lost his.

He knew well of the humans and their nature of deceit.

The lady had slipped the necklace to one of her lovers.

The master was no good either; he too, had several affairs. However, he was the one to poison his father while everyone thought his death was natural.

He stands as its leaves are rustling and listening.

Once again someone is plotting plans under its shade.


The mask that you wore lured me into thinking that you were the one – the only one.

You gave me flowers, lots of them, but they also had thorns in them.

Had I been careful, as to not ignore the signs, I would have spared myself form being hurt.  But you knew that, right!

You knew well enough to earn my trust, enter my heart and stab me in the back just when I had asked you to watch it in the dark.

For the daily prompt: Betrayed

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I would like to thank Grateful Single Moms for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. My apologies to make the post so late, I’m a bit embarrassed but at last it’s here.

It always feels good to be appreciated for your work or efforts. I’m very thankful to the blogging community that I have. I would like to share the Sunshine Blogger Award with:


Matylda Onyango

Poetry talks

Sky Blue Pink

Hiral N.


Meenakshi Sethi

Annika Perry’s Writing Blog



Life Confusions

My questions to the nominees are:

What inspires you the most?

Which power would you like to possess, if you could have one?

Which is your favourite season and why?

Why do you blog?

Which is your favourite song?

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Mountains/forests or seas where would you like to spend your time most?

What is the next best place after home?

What is your favourite movie/ serial or book?

What are you most passionate about in life?

If you could change one thing in your home what would that be?

I would like to say to my nominees that if you feel pressed on time to make the blog and prefer not to accept the award, I would totally understand that. However, if you do come up with the post please leave the link to your post. I would really love reading your answers and meeting other new bloggers. Thanks. 🙂

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules:
-Thank the blogger who nominated you.
-Answer the 11 questions asked.
-Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
-List the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

My answers to the questions are:

What is your blog about and what are your goals for your blog?

I started my blog as I wanted to share my life’s experiences and then I moved on to poems, stories, photography. I’m thankful that my blog has transformed ever since I had started this. For me, my blog is a blank space that gives me the opportunity to fill it with as many colours of creativity as possible. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the support that I get from my fellow bloggers in the form of their encouraging, kind, supportive comments; likes or follows. I still don’t know what I’ll be adding new to the blog.

What are you most grateful for?
I’m grateful for a healthy mind and body. I used to have severe migraine and knee aches but I’m thankful that I don’t have them now.

What is your fondest memory?
My fondest memory is when I was a child of 5 or so and all the family members used to gather for Christmas celebrations.

Who most inspires you?
Nature! I’m inspired by nature.

If you could do anything, what would it be?
Fly! I would like to fly, fly like a kite, a bird, a butterfly, a fly.

What are you most proud of?
At the moment I’m proud of joining an art class.

What’s on your bucket list?
I feel like I haven’t slept in a long a while. I would like to go off to sleep for at least a day without being bothered by anybody as to how much I am sleeping. The next thing is a book that I’ve been working on.

What are you most passionate about?
Recently I feel that I’m drawn to two things — writing and drawing. I would either find myself writing something or sketching something. Although, when outdoors I love to click photos of anything strange, beautiful, and captivating.

Where would you most like to go?
I love trees and lots of greenery and flowers. I would like to go to a hilly place in a nice resort and take a walk, sit, meditate, click photos, talk to the locals. Eat, pray and love kinds. 😉

What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?
I had visited Leh last year and I wanted to see the monasteries. They were at a great height. There was no other way than walking. One specific one was Hemis Monastery. It had stairs some 100 or so stairs I don’t remember the number now. But there was no other way — no cycles, no donkeys no motors. You just had to walk to reach the top or the monastery. I started walking but also feared that my knee would start hurting. Throughout the steps I kept the self- talk on. Once we reached I felt every step that I had walked was worth it. The beauty was majestic and the serenity of the place brought inner peace. The walk down was easy. After reaching the hotel in the evening I did some acupressure for myself and slept like a log.

What advice would you give to other bloggers?

Write, share and contribute to your blogging community. Be encouraging and supportive off the efforts of others.


Favorite place is…

Nothing more magical than a morning sun

Any place becomes a favourite spot from where I can see the morning sun.

Clear blue sky and white clouds

Any place becomes a favourite place from where I can stand and watch the clear blue sky and the wafting clouds pass me by.

Wildflowers in my path

Any place becomes a favourite place where one or many flowers stand to greet me.

A grape wine, with tiny grapes

Any place becomes a favourite place from where I can see mother nature’s fruits of abundance.


In response to: Favorite Place

The choice is ours and Only Ours

At times I fumble upon people who do their best to make me realize that I’m inefficient. Or that I’m not enough. Or what I’m doing or do is not enough. They are everywhere – at home, office… outside. I get frustrated. It could be easier to shout at them, but I don’t. It could be their fault or it couldn’t, I pause and think, but we are all human beings molded by our own experiences. Sometimes they have reasons to be BLANK and sometimes they are just plain BLANK.

I feel it’s best to avoid such people, as much as possible, and as far as possible. I don’t care what they think of me — rude or whatever. Earlier I used to, but now I don’t. Such people are toxic. They have a way of injecting you with their negativity and killing every ounce of positivity that you own. They may or may not do this deliberately but sadly they don’t want to change or be changed either.

On the flip side of this equation, though, I get it — that, no one can let you down, unless you let yourself down first.

When we focus and prioritize what we want in our lives, we become efficient. When we talk positive to ourselves over the negative of what others say or think of us, we become efficient. When we live our lives working on ourselves, we become efficient. When we help others who need our help, we become efficient.

We are who and what, we chose to be. We are as efficient as we think and want to be… and — we become.

Inspired by the daily prompt: Inefficient


Walking I fell but then I rose because I had to, there was no other way. I couldn’t manage to sit and lay in the dust and dirt.

Life is sometimes a hard game to play.

When life becomes difficult, it becomes difficult to swallow my own breath. The fresh air then chokes me. I try to gulp it in inches. It escapes me. It plays hide and seek with me.

I try to breathe, because I have to breathe. Because that’s life and it goes on till it has to.

For daily prompt:  Swallow

Way back

This is a story for Friday Fictioneers, which is hosted by Rochelle. Every week you are challenged to write a 100 word story based on a photo.

Thanks to Björn Rudberg for this week’s photo and also to Rochelle for hosting the challenge.

Thanks to all the readers for their time, too.

PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg

STOP! They stopped at the sign. They were surprised that they had come so far.

Silence, peace and just the two — it could be their favourite spot. However, between them ran some space and the gentle breeze touched them. Silence presided, until she said, “… that’s it… then.”

“Huh…I guess so,” he said.

The birds were flying, what seemed like to their nests. From the sky, a cooler sun was descending into the valley somewhere.

They hugged but in the absence of any warmth.

She drove past him and the signpost — STOP!

At home, her family would be waiting for her.