Blush away

It’s not only the humans that blush. When the sun kisses the night sky, it gently wears a colour bright — some-what, peachy-orange-red kinds. A thousand flowers bloom in the magic of the night and blush out their beauties in the day, as passers-by of all kinds look at them in awe and amazement. It’s not every day or rather every night that the moon touches the river, but on the nights when it does, the river only shines the beauty of the moon.

Inspired to write for the daily prompts: Blush


I’d Rather… than

I’d rather walk or be watchful of my own journey than mind the steps of others on their journeys.

I’d rather run and flow and find out my path than sit stagnant at one place.

I’d rather reach out to the sky than stay stuck in my mind’s chaos. I’d rather scale out from my comfort zone and move out than keep everything intact as the same me.

I’d rather grow and try to live each moment in happiness than just live and allow life to pass by me. I’d rather wither away like a rose, spreading sweet fragrance  of happiness and positivity, than let my sadness and negativity affect me and dull my surroundings.