Favorite place is…

Nothing more magical than a morning sun

Any place becomes a favourite spot from where I can see the morning sun.

Clear blue sky and white clouds

Any place becomes a favourite place from where I can stand and watch the clear blue sky and the wafting clouds pass me by.

Wildflowers in my path

Any place becomes a favourite place where one or many flowers stand to greet me.

A grape wine, with tiny grapes

Any place becomes a favourite place from where I can see mother nature’s fruits of abundance.


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The choice is ours and Only Ours

At times I fumble upon people who do their best to make me realize that I’m inefficient. Or that I’m not enough. Or what I’m doing or do is not enough. They are everywhere – at home, office… outside. I get frustrated. It could be easier to shout at them, but I don’t. It could be their fault or it couldn’t, I pause and think, but we are all human beings molded by our own experiences. Sometimes they have reasons to be BLANK and sometimes they are just plain BLANK.

I feel it’s best to avoid such people, as much as possible, and as far as possible. I don’t care what they think of me — rude or whatever. Earlier I used to, but now I don’t. Such people are toxic. They have a way of injecting you with their negativity and killing every ounce of positivity that you own. They may or may not do this deliberately but sadly they don’t want to change or be changed either.

On the flip side of this equation, though, I get it — that, no one can let you down, unless you let yourself down first.

When we focus and prioritize what we want in our lives, we become efficient. When we talk positive to ourselves over the negative of what others say or think of us, we become efficient. When we live our lives working on ourselves, we become efficient. When we help others who need our help, we become efficient.

We are who and what, we chose to be. We are as efficient as we think and want to be… and — we become.

Inspired by the daily prompt: Inefficient