What’s the hurry?

When I look at the colourful flowers, the green grass, the cheerful sun, the silent sky, the creamy moon and the shining stars;

I feel there is no rush.

But still the year comes to an end.

Even this year too, shall pass by.

And then I’m left thinking,

Time — where do you fly away?

What’s the hurry!

Where do you rush?


For the daily prompt: Rush


All smiles

To me, Flowers = Smile. 

No matter what the day is throwing at me or how the sun is shining, a flower of any kind or anywhere effortlessly helps me to wear a smile. Once I start smiling, the feeble smile cushions me with some sort of strength and calmness instantly.


Whenever I see a flower, I smile at them knowing that they too, are smiling at me.



For photo challenge: Smile