Disruptions of times

In the late ‘90s the world rocked to the disruption brought by the computers.

However, today is a different story. Our entire world is literally spinning around computers, internet and technology.

Every once in a while we get technological hiccups that disrupt our normal regular life with newer things and newer ways. What I remember, is — when computers and internet were dormant energies we used to go shopping. It had its positives and negatives. Talking to people, eavesdropping a random conversation, pestering mummy to buy ice-cream, soaking in the sun, bird watching for free etc.

Today with changing times and with the changing climatic conditions we have started to feel the unhealthy shifts of weather in a single day. From hot – to cold – to sunny – to sometimes rainy – and so on….

There are some disruptions that cannot be played with and some gives us a chance to change and better the things for another time.

For the daily prompt: Disrupt