One day gone

There comes a time when life doesn’t make any sense. It happened long time ago, when I was a teenager. But today, I am not.

Just when I thought life was going smooth, I was hit by the vagueness of it.


Where is my life going? What am I doing? Am I doing something meaningful for myself or for others? Myriads of questions seep into my mind. They worry me, not so much by the day but definitely by the night. But what good is worrying and wandering in the vague dark corridors of my thoughts. So I decide to catch some sleep and chase some dreams.

One day gone. One more to come.

7 thoughts on “One day gone

  1. I ask myself those questions all the time… Hitting middle age has caught me off guard and made me reevaluate what I want to do with my time. I’m hoping my second half decisions are better than my first half!


    • I believe the older generations lived much peacefully as in not asking questions or being bothered by life too much. They just took it one step at a time.
      The younger generation of today has so many questions… about everything.
      I believe in planning but what’s the use when you don’t know what is to come next.
      Here’s to us for better times for tomorrow, Meg! Wishing you luck for your future aspirations.:)

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