Silent Peace

Darkness melts away,

in the warm glow of a candle light.

Silence then rises and fills the space.

Everything fades away to a place where,

existent becomes non-existing

and non-existent dances in a smoke of life.

In a while all that remains in the blank space is



not even me.

Everything then becomes silent peace….


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In Carving

People who know me, know me so well. They know me how inclined I’m towards art and artistic endeavours.

I’m always fascinated by sculpting, pottery making, weaving etc. Once I was interested in fruit carving but that is not what I want to talk about. What really held my interest was soap carving.

The first step involved decision making on my part, if I was really interested in it or not. The answer was a — yes. ­­The second step involved teacher and so came the Youtube. The third step involved tools of the trade. The fourth step involved my budget. I wanted it more towards the inexpensive side because I wasn’t yet sure about the outcome of my art deal that I was about go for.

Then came the action time. And so, I bought some inexpensive soap bars. For tools or tool I caught hold of a pair of scissors.

I followed the steps from Youtube. After scooping, carving and polishing for hours and days I did manage to get something out of my soap bar.

Of course, what I had made was no match to what I had intended to make. But it was a fun effort. And in cheers of good spirit neither anyone was hurt nor was anything wasted… other than just a bit of soap from the bar. In the end, I did feel like an artist at work or a mini sculptor of a kind.  I enjoyed the process and had fun.


Written for daily prompt: Carve

How brilliant of me!

We each love to live in our own self-made bubble of securities and myths.

I’m no different. I too, have them and once in a while I do think, “How brilliant I am!” Not that there is anything wrong with such a thought process, except one should think twice.

On so-and-so bright summer day, I thought I could put my brilliant mind to work. I wanted to drink cold… chilled water. I wanted it quick. So instead of using a plastic bottle, I filled water in a glass bottle. Then I kept the bottle in the freezer.

Time passed by and I thought it was time for me to take a sip of that chilled water. I thought, “What a great pleasure it would be to drink chilled water while the sun was screaming outside.” To my surprise, the bottle was cracked, which ran right from the bottom to the center of it.

It was too late to undo the action. I realized that sometimes somethings are irreplaceable and irreparable. The lesson was learnt at the price of ignoring my common sense. Oh, and that was one of my favourite bottles. It had a bright yellow colour.

Drew inspiration from daily prompt: Brilliant

A January Treat

Since it is January and it is chilling cold a treat for me would be to tuck myself in the warmth of my bed. But that wouldn’t be all. I would have a nice small bowl of tomato soup, with some sprinkled pepper, to drink . And then, I would love to read a new book, that I had purchased a few days back, in the glowing light of my study lamp. Just before slipping off to sleep, I would write or draw using my new (bright blue and orange coloured) pens.

No ice-creams for the time being but cakes wouldn’t be that harmful I think. And since that’s a nice thought… maybe, I shall treat myself with a nice fruit cream cake tomorrow.

Written in response to daily prompt: Treat

Happy New Year, Happy 2018!

Having a conversation with myself on the 1st day of this new year I thought of remembering the past year of what could be and what had been… and then I thought… what’s the point?

The past has already slipped away giving me sweet and sour memories. I already bade farewell to the wonderful day and year yesterday. I said my thank yous to the year 2017 yesterday.

Today is 2018 and so it is a new day of this new year. It is a fresh start of the year. It is a new day of the dawn. It is already a beginning of a new chapter in the book.

Since it is the new day of the new year I’m already thinking of the newer things that I’ll be doing…newer achievements I’ll be celebrating…newer relationships I’ll be making… newer paths I’ll be treading.

On this day, today, I’ll also like to wish all my blogger friends “A Very Happy New Year”.

Wishing all a year filled with happiness, good health, prosperity, peace and abundance.

Welcome 2018!

To Many Bright And Beautiful Tomorrows


I love mushrooms. To me, they stand next to non-vegetarian dish. And that also means good food. I say this because I’ve recently turned into a vegetarian. I had been a diehard non-vegetarian all my life till now, and since I don’t crave for chicken wings any more I irresistibly love mushrooms in my food. Not that I didn’t love them earlier but now the craving is more after I’ve stopped eating non-vegetarian dishes.

I love mushrooms as they are easy to cook and can be added to soups and stir fries. Now that I’m writing I feel like having a mushroom omelet. I have stopped eating meat but I love eggs, so I guess, I’m an eggetarian now.

Thankfully I’m not allergic to mushrooms. I only fell sick once and I don’t know if it was the mushroom in the food or something else that made me sick. But that was only once.

I also think they are a piece of beauty. On my walking trails, as a child, I used to see tiny mushrooms sprouting out from places as they often do. I loved them then, as I do now. Of course, I know that there are edible and non-edible varieties but irrespective of this I still love them.

Inspired to write for daily prompt: Mushroom


Who wouldn’t want to dance when they are happy? Who wouldn’t want to sing when they are joyous in their hearts? I would.

Looking at other people dance amazes me. Dancing to me is like you attain this fluidity and sync with the words that is either a song or music. I would love to do that, flow with the music.

I’ve tried it, I can’t deny that.

How hard could that be, right? Wrong! It was very hard for me. Years back I started to learn dancing. I was told by my teacher to let myself loose. I tried, but I was stiff as a stick.

I was sure of one other thing. I knew at that point in time, all the others were doing a secret job of watching me — dancing. Although I knew no body had that much time to invest on a dancer who couldn’t even spin gracefully. But I was sure of it — that all eyes were on me.

My teacher tried to prove me wrong. But nothing helped me or her to prove otherwise.

A good thing was I completed my dancing course.  But I still dance like a stiff stick.

Written for daily prompt: Dancing


I didn’t like maths very much. I didn’t like geometry either, but I used to love shapes… triangles, squares, rectangles and circles.

My favourites were squares, circles and triangles. When I started loving shapes, I had started loving geometry as well. But that was it. That was the only part that I loved about maths.

Circle is not only a shape; it is the shape. It is the objective of life. To me it is the motion of life and death.  It is all that is within and without. It is binding and non-binding too.

A circle even if drawn clumsily by a kid still remains a circle. Strangely enough, it is circles and lines that we start drawing at an early age rather than squares, rhombus, diamonds or any other shapes. May be even as we are children we notice the shape of a circle easily in nature that surrounds us than any other shapes.

I therefore think, that circles are not just round shapes, but they are the meaning of life. It is the beginning and the end of life. It marks the continuity of any energy cycle.

I’m trying to focus

I’m trying to focus, but right now everything is swirling before my eyes. When you have just one thing to focus at, all you have to do is focus at it. The problem is when you have too many things to focus at, then what do you do? Do you still focus? Or the better question is can you focus, still? Why do we lose our ability to focus when there are too many tasks or people needing our attention? Why do we have to choose then? I hate to choose; because at some level it also brings the question who or what do I care the most for.

I have been trying to focus on too many things and that’s why my eyes are dizzy and my head feels tight inside. Now all I want is my bed and my cozy pillow. I’m sure I’ll fall on my pillow like there would be no other sleep days for me.

You see at times like these, I wonder, if only we had super powers, and then there would be no problems and tasks needing our focus. But who knows, if that would be the end or the beginning of a new kind of a problem… new kind of a task…new kind of a focus.