What I wore, was their problem.

Sleeves or without sleeves, that was my choice.

They wanted to cover my bare arms with laces and clothes.

I got myself tattoos stitched permanently for a sleeve.

I thought the problem was solved; instead it became another problem of theirs.

Showing tantrums

I’ve never understood why some people throw tantrums. It terrifies me a lot when I see someone doing so. I’m sure for them it’s a dramatic appeal… a way to seek attention… to get what they want; but to me who is a spectator to their actions (like a lot of you, who would’ve found yourselves at the same spot) — it simply seems like they are having fits of some kind.

Age group doesn’t matter when throwing tantrums. The younger ones roll on the ground crying their hearts out; whereas, the elder ones yell all around throwing things randomly at first and then aiming to harm someone or anyone.

One day gone

There comes a time when life doesn’t make any sense. It happened long time ago, when I was a teenager. But today, I am not.

Just when I thought life was going smooth, I was hit by the vagueness of it.


Where is my life going? What am I doing? Am I doing something meaningful for myself or for others? Myriads of questions seep into my mind. They worry me, not so much by the day but definitely by the night. But what good is worrying and wandering in the vague dark corridors of my thoughts. So I decide to catch some sleep and chase some dreams.

One day gone. One more to come.

Rise and Shine

Every morning I get up with a smile… and then people happen. I fret not upon the day as it stretches itself; I fret and frown upon some annoying, irritating people that I meet.

People whom I meet outside, are strangers and what they say or how they say don’t bother me much.

But what to do, if an extended family member tries to find fault in my actionas; or tries to tell me that I’m not (good) enough; or lets me down by throwing sarcastic remarks at me.

I’m a positive person but I cannot stop myself from fretting and frowning on these occasions. The problem is, by doing so I hurt myself and also those who care for me.

People say, “You should not hurt yourself like this. Don’t pay any attention.”

It sounds easy, but it is not.

I’ve realized that no matter how broken or hurt you are by the actions or words thrown by some (negative) people, in the end you have to pull yourself out of that misery pool. You can stay there, and it’s ok for you to stay there but don’t make that forever. You should know when the time’s up and pull yourself out of it. It’s difficult but it can be done. Try to find a way to get yourself back on the life’s saddle and ride it like a rider. Don’t make yourself suffer because of someone else. Your greatest responsibility is towards yourself and not the others who put you down in any way possible.

Whenever I find myself caught in the misery pool, I shift my focus on my priorities. I keep saying to myself, “Unimportant people and their talks don’t matter. They are not important. I’ve better things to work on.”

Priority is very important in life; because at times like these, it helps you to know where you need to focus your energy on.

So rise and shine for the day is strong, but armour yourself well because you’ll find things and people who’ll try to wear you down and take that shine away from you. In the end, the shine fades away but one should have the courage to polish it again and again and again.

Inspired by daily prompt: Fret

Disruptions of times

In the late ‘90s the world rocked to the disruption brought by the computers.

However, today is a different story. Our entire world is literally spinning around computers, internet and technology.

Every once in a while we get technological hiccups that disrupt our normal regular life with newer things and newer ways. What I remember, is — when computers and internet were dormant energies we used to go shopping. It had its positives and negatives. Talking to people, eavesdropping a random conversation, pestering mummy to buy ice-cream, soaking in the sun, bird watching for free etc.

Today with changing times and with the changing climatic conditions we have started to feel the unhealthy shifts of weather in a single day. From hot – to cold – to sunny – to sometimes rainy – and so on….

There are some disruptions that cannot be played with and some gives us a chance to change and better the things for another time.

For the daily prompt: Disrupt