I’d Rather… than

I’d rather walk or be watchful of my own journey than mind the steps of others on their journeys.

I’d rather run and flow and find out my path than sit stagnant at one place.

I’d rather reach out to the sky than stay stuck in my mind’s chaos. I’d rather scale out from my comfort zone and move out than keep everything intact as the same me.

I’d rather grow and try to live each moment in happiness than just live and allow life to pass by me. I’d rather wither away like a rose, spreading sweet fragrance  of happiness and positivity, than let my sadness and negativity affect me and dull my surroundings.



A Story Left Behind

When I was shifting home two years back, I had to leave some wonderful memories behind. Spun in those memories were both people and places.

My neighbours were an old couple. Aunty was my favourite.

We had spent years talking together. A very wise, kind and a sensible lady she was. I didn’t want to part away without a token of love and appreciation to our wonderful bond that was created over time. There was only one question — what should I gift her?

I prepared a list of things that I could buy. They didn’t please me much.

Then I thought, why not gift a piece of art. I wanted to make something… some kind of painting.

One part of me strongly supported the idea while the other thought it was stupid. It opposed by saying, “What if she throws it in the dustbin.”

Amidst the chaos of packing my negative thoughts were trying to supress the positive ones. Finally the positive gathered courage and made a declaration: I don’t care even if she throws it in the dustbin. Peace prevailed. I got to work. Time was limited — just a week.

My subject was decided – a rose. I wanted it to be different, so I decided to paint it on a sheet of black sandpaper.

The end result was this


To tell the truth I was nervous about making it on the sandpaper. I had never tried that before. It was just an idea and I worked on that.

How strange it was when I had given myself to the process. The process is always a mystery as you don’t know what the result would be. Will it be good or bad? success or failure? But when you let your love and passion for something lead your path of creativity — you get something. You get — a result, failed attempt or attempts and satisfaction of some kind — in the end . The result cannot be a security or guaranteed but in the end you know you have walked a journey and taken some steps.

My art was slowly taking its form. I was skeptical but I continued and drew strength from my own lines. I had given myself into the process so there were — no questions in my mind, no ego in my heart or expectations from the universe or the process. I saw what my mind showed.

They say that the best way to gain knowledge is by sharing your own. I have always believed this and have found it to be true because when you share you become better with your own concepts. After that incident, I feel that if you want to polish your skill(s) of some kind — the best is to gift it away. Share it. Give it for free.

What’s the worst? The person might not like it or throw it in the dustbin. At least they’ll not tell you, “I threw your gift because I didn’t like it.” And if some day someone does say so then you know it would be best to give it a break, try sometime later or let it be a feedback to work on.

Anyways, coming back to my gift, I walked into aunty’s home. Very shyly I held the frame and told her, “Aunty, this is for you. I don’t know if you’ll like it or not.” I held the frame extending my hands to her. She looked at it. With a smile she said,“It’s very beautiful.”



Banyan Trees

As a child I was always fascinated by banyan trees. When I saw one for myself I though how could the roots hang from the branches of the trees. These hanging roots have always led me into believing that they are some kind of ropes.

A few days back I saw one after many years. The roots of this tree had some-kind-of-a rippling effect. It reminded me of waves just that instead of water there was mud and instead of waves there were these roots surfacing above and below the mud.

It gave it an out of the world look.

Written in response to the photo challenge: Out of This World


The Fruit of Patience is Sweet

As a child I was always told that the fruit of patience is sweet. I believed it. What my elders didn’t tell me was: Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Anyways, since I had no idea about the —patience is bitter part — I always believed that the fruit of patience was sweet and so was patience.

Two years back, I developed a new hobby — gardening. People who have been reading my blog already know about this interest of mine. I had shared a few photos of my terrace garden. You would laugh when you would know that I just have 20 or- so flower pots on my so- called- terrace- garden. I do! So you should laugh, too.

I cannot play favourites with my plants. They all are my favourites.

However, as a child I had seen a Chinese orange plant in our school garden. I feel in love with it. Its tiny little oranges seemed no less than a miracle to me. I felt like somebody had squeezed a big orange tree into a miniature one. This short plant with its round lush green leaves and small oranges intrigued me a lot.  That day I decided, that if I ever see this plant, I’m going to adopt one for myself.

I did. Two years back.

Last year the plant showcased only one orange which stood triumphantly throughout the entire year.

This year it is blooming and glowing with flowers, buds and fruits. I feel that my patience has been rewarded.

I had also thrown a few tomato seeds into a pot — just for fun. First there was nothing. Then I forgot. Then came tiny green sprouts. At that moment I had to literally hold my hands from pulling them out as initially it is almost always difficult to tell if the green sprouts are unwanted weeds or wanted plants.  Anyways I chose to be patient.  In a few days I could see the shape of the leaves and understood it to be a tomato plant.

Today I’m very happy as the plant has given its first tomato. It reminds me of an episode from the serial “The Last Man on Earth” in which Carol wants to grow tomatoes and their trials and tribulations regarding it.

At the moment I just have these two fruit bearing plants. They both are rewarding me with their flowers and fruits.  Whenever I see them, I’m filled with a sense of joy and happiness.


Guardian Angel

Whose beloved are we?

Of at least one.

If there is none, then also there is someone somewhere always looking upon us.

I had wanted to draw guardian angel for a long time. Finally I got the time to draw. I wanted to draw another one but I drew this one instead.

While I was clicking the photo the sun’s beam was falling on it. I tilted it a bit to get the angle right. It looked good and I thought of sharing this with you all.

I haven’t coloured it yet. I’m in a dilemma here. Should I colour it or just leave it. What do you suggest?

Experimental: Sculpted Trees

That’s really wonderful and artistic. I really liked the spring one and the other one woven in stone kind.

Forest Garden


Living in a forest, trees surround us.  We wake to the rising sun gilding the trees, and end the day watching the setting sun paint the sky behind a living lattice work of neighborhood forest.  We plant them, prune them, sweep up their leaves and measure the passing years by their growth.



Autumn’s approach brings our attention back to our garden’s trees as their leaves brighten and fall.  We watch for acorns; admire newly set buds and reddening berries.



This autumn, I’ve been inspired to explore trees in a fresh way:  by sculpting them. 

I’ve been working on a collection of trees for the past several weeks which will serve as table center decorations for a Christmas luncheon in our community.



A friend is sculpting a companion collection of small birds and other woodland animals which we will place in and around the…

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A Journey To My Garden

I was inspired to write this post after reading Andrea’s thoughts at Harvesting Hecate on celebrating the harvesting season. This is my post in celebration.


It’s almost October. I sit and try to look at the past. At first, I don’t see anything of relevance, but then I stare harder and see good memories taking shape in the invisible before me.

A year has moved in this house, but I miss the old place. I miss the vicinity which had multiple parks in it. The parks always invited me with their cheerful flowers. I had adored their companionship and their beautiful space.

The new home is good, however, concrete blocks surrounds the place. I like whites but I miss the greens of the nature.

“Charity begins from home,” they say. So I thought, why cry about something that I can’t do anything about; why not focus on something that I can do, instead. And so, a thought of a terrace garden germinated in my mind. But there was only one problem — I’m no gardner, I told myself. Having zero knowledge about gardening, I dropped the idea and didn’t even bring a single plant home.

In March of this year, my mom visited us. She surprised me with a pot of fully grown aloe vera plant. I was both happy and angry. Angry, because she had travelled a long way and all I wanted from her was to travel light. Happy, as my subconscious mind had intelligently played and surprised me with this gift. So, I accepted it with great happiness.

Every action has a reaction. I had completely failed to see the consequence that I had invited by adopting that one plant.

Misery loves company,” they say but I’m sure that my one plant was seeking for more green beings for itself.

It all starts from one tiny step, and so it started from one small plant. I went to the nursery and got some sturdy plants. Since it was March – April and we were proceeding towards hot Indian summers I needed some strong plants for my so-called garden.

I bought a reddish orange hibiscus and some green croton. I was happy. They were growing nicely.

my croton plant

When you have taken one successful step you need to stand firm and not run, but I did just that. My enthusiasm had captivated me and I bought two — one red and one white rose plants. It was a good purchase as they were in full bloom.

Disaster struck! And it didn’t happen gradually. One day I woke up to a horrifying scene. If plants could suffer from yellow fever then they were already in its tight grip. In two days, yellows too, had disappeared and given themselves to a bare brownish bush.

I’m not a gardner, but I wanted to save my new buddies. My desperate attempts made me seek help from the wise master Google. I also visited the temples of Youtube multiple times. I was losing time. Then a decision was made.

With nervous breath and a racing heart, I took a pair of scissors and did some light pruning on my friends. Just like a quack doctor I had complete faith in the survival of my patients but couldn’t guarantee the success of this surgery. Nevertheless, I was proud of myself. I had an exhilarated feeling, as if, I had extended myself to help a human being come back to life. I wanted to share this proud moment with my mom and so I called her. To my horror she revealed that I had committed a crime by pruning the roses in the months of April — the peak summer time. You see, it wasn’t a complete revelation to me because I knew that already, but I just wanted some consolation that I had taken the right step. Anyways, after the call had ended a thought stuck to my mind that whatever I had done was for the good of my plants, and I was surrounded by an illusionary belief that my plants would come back to life.

Days passed. Months passed.

My heart started sinking. “What had I done,” I thought. But the hope was still dwelling in my heart — I had not given up, yet.

Every morning at 6, I got up to water the plants. My eyes longingly scanned them for a different reality in them. Nothing happened.

My hope was now cracked.

And then, a change took place. The branches had taken a pale green colour. YES! Yes! I shouted with joy in my heart. But this time I didn’t want to share the news with anyone.

Some creepy idea crept into my mind and I started talking to them. Holding their feeble branches with my fingertips, I could recreate any scene from any movie where the doctor had advised to talk to a patient in coma for their (quick) recovery. I talked to them. I prayed to God.

Then, it was magic — when I saw, two- three green leaves had opened themselves to this world. My heart was filled with the warmth of an early morning sun and my eyes had become watery.

I Thanked God! A miracle had happened.

This time I was ready to call… my mom. It was joy. It was a victory for me. It was that moment to say… see, I was right and you, wrong, but I saved my breath from all that and when she said, “Hello!”

I said, “Mom my plants are alive. The rose plants have come back to life.”

white button rose

Months have passed since then. I look at my small garden of a countable number of pots. As one plant blooms and fades away another plant pops out its blossoms as if they are passing the baton to each other.

Looking at what I’ve achieved I’ve now become a bit daring. I’ve now started planting some herbs and veggies.

My first chilly plant, though, died suddenly like a plant heart attack of some kind. One day it was glowing green in health and the other day it had turned stiffly brown. Creepy! There was nothing to worry as I had saved some chilles from the plant. I sprinkled all the seeds. And then, it was magic, again. The chilly plant has reincarnated itself from the depth of the soil.

Baby chilly plant, veiled for protection against birds and (specially) pigeons

Now when I look at my garden, I surely feel that I’m no longer a beginner. I’ve connected well with my plants and that is all that matters.

Enjoy some pics on the way out of my garden. Thanks for visiting!


If only I could ask

When I had first listened to the song “What a wonderful world” I fell in love with it. It was not only for the way it was sung by Louis Armstrong but also the words that made me fall for it.

I love our planet…our world. It has many beautiful things to look at. It has people, strange and beautiful places and animals, too.

I wonder, if we could ever see the planets of our solar system — in reality… up close, I mean. I can only imagine what all the planetary sisters would look like in their solar home. All wearing different coloured robes, would spin ecstatically to their own beat round their master of light creating a wonderful symphony in the galaxy. What a spectacle it would be? Some would appear calm and some ferocious. But amongst the others, it would be our beloved planet, that would dance gently with blues and whites wrapped around it elegantly, as if, to please the father of light.

If only I could ask moon for a pendant, then I would also ask earth for a ring. It’s so beautiful that I would keep looking at it admiringly till I can, from any place that I’ll be.

My gratitude list

I’m grateful for the people who are (or had been) a part of my life in any way and helped me in my life’s learning process.

I’m thankful to my mother.

I’m thankful to my teachers in schools and colleges.

I’m thankful to my first boss.

I’m thankful to my old friends.

I’m thankful to the new friends in real as well as blog/virtual world.

I’m thankful to those friends too, who had crossed my path and have now walked their separate ways. I wish them great happiness and peace in their lives.

I’m thankful to all my family members.

I’m thankful to my blogger friends, followers and readers.

I’m thankful to my community groups.

I’m thankful to my colleagues.

I’m thankful to the teacher who taught me meditation.

I’m thankful to the teacher who taught me reiki.

I’m thankful to the people who had hurt me in any way. I forgive them, and accept it as a necessary learning curve of my life.

I’m thankful to the guard of my building.

I’m thankful to my domestic help.

I’m thankful to the person from whom I buy my grocery.

I’m thankful to the services of the postman.

I’m thankful to the delivery person who brings things that I order.

I’m thankful to the waiter who serves me at a restaurant.

I’m thankful to the cook who serves me food at a restaurant or my office.

I’m thankful to the farmers who grow food in abundance for me.

I’m thankful to all the positive people in my life.

I’m thankful to the people who speak nicely to me.

I’m thankful to the people who share their abundant knowledge, wisdom and information with me.

I’m thankful to the person who had cut my hair.

I’m thankful to my employer.

I’m thankful to the beautician’s services.

I’ve heard people talk about gratitude journals. I would love to have a separate journal for it, but I haven’t started it yet.  I write down my gratitude list on a notebook in which I write almost everything. I thought it would be a good idea to just write a gratitude list for the people too.

Having a gratitude list for people (who mean a lot to me) has helped me to have a stronger bond with them. Being thankful to the (particular) people who have harmed or hurt me, knowingly or unknowingly, has also made me stronger and better as it has helped me to analyze the situation which had existed at the time and also shift my perspective from me… to the other person.  Sometimes a person has a reason to behave like a clown but sometimes its their nature, and when it’s their nature then you need to let go and forgive yourself for holding onto the bitter experiences inflected upon you by them. I’ve realized forgiving someone this way releases you of the past pain, guilt and anger. It also helps you to move faster towards the road to inner happiness and health.

So, who all would you like to thank today? Do come up with your list, and let me know.


Waiting or no waiting

Sometimes waiting is hard, boring and long and sometimes it is rather short and enjoyable.

…waiting for the sun

…waiting for the flower

…waiting in anticipation for the play to begin

but some things need no waiting.

Life seems delightful as we enjoy each moment — waiting or not waiting.